Club flags for music clubs

Music clubs - united in harmony

A parade without music? - Unimaginable! Whatever it is - the big traditional costume parade opening the Octoberfest or the picking up of the partner clubs at the jubilee event - the wind band marches ahead and makes sure that the timing is right. Or do you prefer the more silent tunes? Choral societies and glee clubs maintain traditions by singing old tunes as well as church choirs by chanting sacred melodies during services.Carrying the club flag with the proper emblem embroidered on it during such events makes the performance perfect.

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A big choice of symbols and emblems

Music clubs are spoilt for choice when they have to decide how the new club flag ought to look like. Do they want an instrument embroidered on, and if so, which one? Marching bands like to choose tambour poles or drums for their flags. The heavy brass instruments of a wind orchestra, such as a bass tuba or a tenor or French horn are a little more eye-catching than a slender wooden clarinet or bassoon. But why not a little of everything? Wood, brass or percussion, all groups of instruments can be realized on the club flag. For choirs, music sheets, a lyra or a clef with tuning fork provide suitable motives.

Flag finials for the musicians' club flags

As a matter of course, our flag finials are in tune with each club and association. Gold-colored clefs, a lyra or simply a leaf garland as a symbol for the singer Orpheus show from afar that the flag belongs to an orchestra, a band or a choir. The two-piece flag poles made of best core-wood with fittings and connection parts made of the same gold-colored, diligently lacquered brass material make the flag complete and turn it into a precious piece.

Complete equipment for the club flag

Festivals can be planned, but the weather cannot. A good thing that protective items such as transparent sacks or covers exist, that safeguard the club flag from rain and dirt. For a secure stand of the club flag outside of the festival tent, our heavy wrought iron bases are perfectly suitable. And the transport can be executed in the practical carrying bag in which all accessory parts find their space.



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