Single pages main catalogue IV 2022

Cover of the main catalogue IV
Here you can download the single pages of our new main catalogue IV (2022 issue) as PDF file.

page 001 (titlepage)
page 002 (contents)
page 003 (contents)
page 004 (from the idea to the flag)
page 005 (from the idea to the flag)
page 006 (the finishing of an embroidered flag)
page 007 (about Fahnen Kössinger - we live tradition)
page 008 (10 good reasons for Fahnen Kössinger)
page 009 (our onlineshop)
page 010 (club flags - a link between tradition and modern times)
page 011 (club flags - a link between tradition and modern times)
page 012 (price examples for club flags)
page 013 (price examples for club flags)
page 014 (club flags with crest motives)
page 015 (club flags with figure motives)
page 016 (club flags with figure motives)
page 017 (club flags with buildings and townviews)
page 018 (club flags with building and townviews)
page 019 (club flags with club motives)
page 020 (club flags with various motives)
page 021 (printed club flags)
page 022 (standards - high on horseback or proudly carried)
page 023 (standards - high on horseback or proudly carried)
page 024 (standards)
page 025 (standards)
page 026 (standards)
page 027 (standards)
page 028 (standards)
page 029 (standards)
page 030 (banner on crossbar)
page 031 (banner on crossbar)
page 032. Seite (Kirchenbedarf)
page 033. Seite (Spenderband / Spendertafel)
page 034. Seite (Fahnen Restaurierung)
page 035. Seite (Fahnen Restaurierung)
page 036. Seite (Fahnen Restaurierung)
page 037. Seite (Reinigung und Auffrischung)
page 038. Seite (Fahnenkonservierung)
page 039. Seite (Fahnenkonservierung)
page 040. Seite (Fahnenbänder)
page 041. Seite (Fahnenbänder)
page 042 (price classes of flag banners)
page 043 (price classes of flag banners)
page 044 (price classes of flag banners)
page 045 (price classes of flag banners)
page 046 (motives and text fonts of flag banners)
page 047 (mourning banners)
page 048 (flag finials)
page 049 (flag finials)
page 050 (flag finials)
page 051 (bannerarms)
page 052 (flag accessories)
page 053 (flag poles)
page 054 (transparent covers)
page 055 (mourning ribbons and flagstands)
page 056 (club and festival requirement)
page 057 (embroidered badges)
page 058 (embroidered badges)
page 059 (embroidered badges)
page 060 (hand embroidered badges)
page 061 (badges in digital printing and emboridery, woven patches)
page 062 (name badges and key fobs)
page 063 (metal pins)
page 064 (metal pins)
page 065 (metal pins, attachments and accessories)
page 066 (firebrigade pins)
page 067 (shooting club pins)
page 068 (pins for soldiers' and veterans' clubs)
page 069 (honorary crosses with drapes in white-blue and white-red)
page 070 (pins for traditional and Catholic rural clubs)
page 071 (metal garlands)
page 072 (documents with and without pre-written text)
page 073 (documents retro and in gold foil relief stamping)
page 074 (custom-made documents)
page 075 (document envelopes and frames)
page 076 (memorial banners)
page 077 (memorial banners)
page 078 (rosettes and festival badges)
page 079 (printing plates and logo choice for festival badges and memorial ribbons)
page 080 (sashes)
page 081 (sashes)
page 082 (table banners and table standards)
page 083 (printed memorial gifts)
page 084 (youth firebrigade pennants)
page 085 (triangle pennants)
page 086 (music stand banners)
page 087 (hanging devices for music stand banners, instrument banners)
page 088 (festival requirement, garlands, and pennant chains)
page 089 (festival requirement, paper flags, and armbands)
page 090 (festival requirement, rolled tickets, rolled lots, coupon pads)
page 091 (festival requirement, torches, flame bowls, tokens, umbrellas)
page 092 (festival requirement, admission bands)
page 093 (festival requirement, stickers and festival badges)
page 094 (wall pictures, memorial gifts)
page 095 (firebrigade vehicles, firebrigade figurines)
page 096 (figurines of St. Florian)
page 097 (shooting chains, shooters' figurines, shooting targets)
page 098 (mugs, part 1)
page 099 (mugs, part 2)
page 100 (breast plates for costumes)
page 101 (carneval and parade caps)
page 102 (club and company neckties)
page 103 (shoulder shawls and scarves)
page 104 (jackets)
page 105 (club and uniform shirts)
page 106 (uniform accessories)
page 107 (refinement possibilities, clothing)
page 108 (club clothing)
page 109 (club clothing, motives)
page 110 (club clothing, textiles)
page 111 (company and business clothing)
page 112 (gastronomy clothing)
page 113 (transparents)
page 114 (flags, bannerflags, hoisting flags in oblong format)
page 115 (advertising technique, beachflags, roll-ups)
page 116 (material)
page 117 (our service for you)
page 118 (register, part 1)
page 119 (register, part 2)
page 120 (backside)

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