Offers for firebrigades

Your firebrigade should present themselves in an appropriate way not only during festivities but also over the complete course of the year. We equip your members with everything that is needed for this purpose. Flag, standard, and flag banners have their best effect if the accompanying ensigns are wearing red-white shoulder sashes, embroidered badges that are made according to the regulations and homogeneous uniforms.
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Firebrigade club flag

Firebrigade flags

The first eyecatcher when you appear at the firebrigade festival and take part in the parade of the neighboring club is your club flag. It is made by Fahnen Kössinger with noble materials such as velvet, gold filaments, and shining artificial silk. Each firebrigade gets our individual advice in respect to the suitable place motive, the figure of St. Florian, or the firebrigade motives that decorate the flag in a graphically balanced way. Fine gold ornaments form an elegant frame around the whole firebrigade flag.

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Firebrigade standards

The motives on standards are worked in straight and not diagonally because they are not only attached at the pole side but also at the top, to the bannerarm. Apart from that, customers also have other choices. The bannerarms are available in different executions. There are also bannerrings and standard finials with various firebrigade motives. The two sides are normally made in different basic colors. Gold cantille fringes on two sides are in perfect harmony with the noble golden ornaments.

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Firebrigade standard
Badges for firebrigade made of fabric and metal

Firebrigade badges

The single firebrigade associations put up regulations for the wearing of embroidered badges. Fahnen Kössinger produces the badges according to these prescription, e.g. Bavarian sleeve badges in 75 x 95 mm on red twill matter with white text and the respective municipality crest. For distinctions, we have metal badges with standard motives such as wheels, axes, and crests on stock, and special honorary members obtain big crosses in gold or silver plating hung onto red-white ribbon drapes.

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Flag banners for firebrigades

Firebrigade flag banners

In the course of special festivities such as a flag consecration, a jubilee or a festival of the godparent club, embroidered flag banners are donated. Motives such as a St. Florian or the town crest of the godparent club can be chosen depending on the sponsor.

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Fire brigade table banners and standards

Table standards

If you do not want to give away the usual beer mug or the standard tin plate as a present, you may find our custom-made table standards an ideal gift. With one or double-sided embroideries or printings, they find an honorary place in the club home.

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Festival necessities for firebrigade festivities

All for firebrigade festivities

A multitude of big and small articles help to make a festival successful. Rosettes for the festival organisation team, visitor admission tokens, or paper flags, beverage and meal tickets - you get all these products out of one hand, that of Fahnen Kössinger.

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Sashes for firebrigade


Red-white sashes made of velvet with or without embroidery make the performance of the flag ensigns perfect. Normally, the three ensigns carry these sashes as an indication for their office. On demand, we embroider the sashes with the names of the firebrigade.

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Further products for your firebrigade

And if you need even a little more - here, you can find everything else that is
necessary for an advertising performance or a tribute.
T-shirts for your firebrigade

Firebrigade T-shirts

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Caps with your firebrigade logo and name

printed / embroidered caps

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Honorary gifts for firebrigade members

Honorary gifts

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Youth firebrigade pennant

Youth firebrigade pennant

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