Fahnen Kössinger, February 2018

Corporate Design, identification, functionality, finishing, advertising

Talking about corporate design, one might think it is all about designing letterheads, newsletters and catalogs. The once defined colors have to be as correct as the distances between the logos and the border, the font used and the division of columns, banners and paragraphs throughout the advertising material.
If the employees of the company are to be provided with uniform clothing, these requirements must also be observed. This starts with the selection of the necessary workwear. When it comes to business clothing that has to conform to a certain dress code, i.e. shirts, blouses, costumes or suits, it's all about the style that suits the company. The corporate logo can either be printed or embroidered here, usually, in a subtle way, on the collar or cuff. Ties or scarves in the corporate color are possible as well.
At the catering trade, more functional parts are added, bistro aprons, skirts, chef's hats - here, the fabrics can already be chosen in a color that matches the hotel's or restaurant's. As an additional aspect of this workwear, the washability, durability, and handling have to be considered in advance. If the preconditions are right, each part will be finished with the name and emblem of the company – thus, the staff is already perfectly equipped.
Proper workwear with specifications that relate to occupational safety and the necessary functionality should be planned even more carefully from the start. Everything has to be right here, the material, the size, format, quantity and placement of bags and closures, as well as their handling. And last but not least, safety aspects in vests, firefighter jackets and work pants play an important role.
The refinement of such clothing has to be laid into the hands of experienced companies. A waterproof jacket must not lose its impermeability by being embroidered. The printing on the safety vest should also reflect the light and not obscure the existing reflective tape. Improperly applied embroidery may prevent the opening of bags - a detailed comparison of several offers is especially worthwhile in safety workwear.

Development of the corporate design

Companies that do not yet have a fix design should get together with a professional advertising agency and rely on their experience in developing an eye-catching logo. It has to fit the type of business, show at first glance what the company produces or what it stands for and creatively form a harmonious whole with the company name. At the same time a certain recognition value should be given and the individuality should also be maintained, so that one's own company stands out well from others.
Then, when employees are provided with uniform clothing, they identify themselves with their enterprise and make a professional and respectable impression towards the customers.

CD made by a professional company

A big choice of textile products

The company logo should now be applied to appropriate clothing. Here again, only the best professionals should be employed. The T-shirt printer on the corner may print a cheap sports shirt for student teams. But this will not make a noble and serious impression of a craft business or a restaurant. Finishing specialists cooperate with the largest and most important brand manufacturers of restaurant clothing, workwear, functional underwear and corporate clothing. They know which brands provide the best combinations for corporate colors, where suitable matching caps for the jackets can be purchased, and which brand can really provide any size from XS to 5XL. Good suppliers put programs together, sample them and have no minimum order quantities per size or color. Even reorders after years should be possible, as corporate clothing is always worn down and must be supplemented for new employees.

Workwear for handicraft

Refinement types

Refining a garment means attaching a name and / or logo to one or more locations - the breast pocket, collar, sleeve or back. The placement and the format are usually decisive for the chosen finishing technique.
Direct embroidery is suitable for almost all textiles, especially if longevity is important. It does not rub off, does not bleach after many laundries and lasts as long as the garment itself. Embroidery can be placed on shirt collars - if it should just be a small text - as well as on the backs of jackets and vests, if the motive has to appear very big.
In screen printing, intensive spot colors are applied directly to the textile. It works best on white or natural colored garments. The corporate identity can be kept very well here, since the colors can be applied according to the specifications. This type of printing is mainly used for mass-market advertising.
ng, on the other hand, also allows printing on darker textiles and can be offered inexpensively for individual items. It is suitable for detailed motives and photorealistic emblems.
If corporate design permits, flock and flexo printing can also be used for corporate clothing. Only one or two colors are possible here. The look is three-dimensional, even small runs can be realized. For safety clothing with reflective lettering flexo printing is the best choice.

Advertising for your own company

Along with the identification of your employees with the company, refined company clothing always brings along a solid advertising effect. The competence of employees is linked to the company name and logo. The well-groomed appearance individualized clothing creates, automatically provides a positive advertising effect for every craft business, for your restaurant, any assembly company or banks and insurances.

company clothing in a practice