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Painting with needle and thread

Press release dated April 10, 2017

Embroiderers keep a century-old handiwork alive. They are the artists behind the elaborate motives on flags or the precious ornaments on the clerical vestments: Embroiderers change a simple piece of fabric into a precious piece of art with their needles and threads. It is an art well-known already in antiquity and still topical up till today. Fahnen Kössinger in Schierling bei Regensburg is one of the few companies that still trains embroiderers so that they are prepared to work in a modern, creative, and seminal profession. [...]
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Die neue Standarte der FFW München

Big performance for the new standard

Press release dated November 8, 2016

Precious piece creates identification for the voluntary firebrigade of Munich. The standard that was produced at Fahnen Kössinger's in Schierling in the district of the Oberpfalz, is a detailed replica of the original standard iof the year of 1866 and therefore something very special[...]
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Rathaus mit einer Fahne

New image on the flagpole - city branding turns municipalities into brands

Press release dated June 24, 2015

Fahnen Kössinger see themselves as a service provider for the performance that is perfectly custom-tailored for the community and accompany their customers during the development of a new public image in its entirety.[...]
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Schritte zum neuen Logo

A milestone for the future

Press rekease dated February 25, 2016

Fahnen Kössinger revise company appearance as well as product portfolio and enlarge their distribution channels for business and clubs by an own e-commerce platform. With a new compilation and revision of their complete customer performance, the traditional company of Fahnen Kössinger managed an important step for the future. [...]
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Die Musikkapelle Pless bei der Abholung der Fahne

A symbol for the past and the future of the wind orchestra

Press release dated April 20, 2015

With timpani and trumpets, the wind band Pless came to receive their new flag. Together with some guests, 35 male and female musicians clothed in their costumes, specifically traveled to Fahnen Kössinger in Schierling near Regensburg where the precious piece had been manufactured. [...]
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