Table banners and table standards

Table banners or table standards are made by Fahnen Kössinger as a special table decoration in different executions. Depending on your imagination, we execute your motives and text in embroidery or printing, producing either table pennants or standards. We only use high quality materials that are best suited for being embroidered or printed on.

We also offer a diversity of borders. You may choose simple cord borders that can be supplemented by suitable tassels at the bottom. For special occasions, we equip the table standards and banners with gold fringes on the bottom edge.

Regarding the format, we gladly follow your demands.
For the rectangular banners or triangular pennants, you find here also suitable Tablestands in wood or metal.
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Product details

embroidery on flag rep or satin silk
printing on 100% polyester-satin

rectangular or square standards
Format 20 x 25 cm or 25 x 30 cm (embroidered)

rectangular or pentangular banners
Format 20 x 25 cm or 25 x 30 cm (embroidered)

triangular pennants
Format 22 x 33 cm (embroidered)
Format 16 x 25 cm or 20 x 30 cm (printed)

embroidered standards: bottom edge with golden fringes
embroidered pennant: with cord border and tassel
printed standards: with cord border, with fringes on demand
hanging of embroidered standards: with lace loops
hanging of printed pennants and standards: with cord, wooden or metal hanging on demand
Table banners and pennants in different executions

Embroidered table banners and pennants


Embroidered table standards

  • Size abt. 20 x 25 cm or abt. 25 x 30 cm
  • basic quality: flag rep or satin silk
  • embroidery one- or double-sided with the same or different motives and writings
  • we work out a design according to your imagination and transfer it into finest flat or chain stitch embroidery
  • writings embroidered in gold metallic on demand
  • bottom edge with gold fringes
  • hanging: lace loops
An alternative, especially for very elaborate and difficult pictures, is the so-called hand painting. Motives and texts are being inserted true to each detail.
Embroidered table standards and banners

Embroidered pennants

  • Size abt. 22 x 33 cm
  • basic quality: satin silk
  • with writing "In friendship" or "In Memento"
  • with embroidered club logo - either handed in by you and sewn on by us - or embroidered by us according to your artwork
  • finishing with cord border, cord hanging and tassel
Embroidered pennants

Printed table standards and pennants


Digital printing

  • Size abt. 16 x 25 cm or abt. 20 x 30 cm
  • basic quality: satin (100% polyester)
  • one- or double-sided printing
  • finishing: with cord border and cord hanging, bottom edge with fringes on demand
  • a wooden or metal hanging (with or without tunnel made of lace) is possible against a low surcharge
For the production in digital printing, the respective
printing files are necessary:

In case you cannot provide us with the required data, we are, of course, willing to prepare them for you.

Simply hand us your artwork in!
Table standards and table banners in digital printing

Offset printing

  • rom 50 pieces up
  • silk printing
  • double-sided with the same motive
  • up to 5 printing colors (yellow HKS 4, red HKS 23, blue HKS 47, green HKS 57 and black), special colors possible against surcharge
  • with or without PVC-cover
  • with cord border and cord hanging
  • with wooden hanging resp. artificial silk fringes on demand
Table standards and table banners in offset printing