Club flags for homeland and traditional costume clubs

Maintaining tradition - a task for generations

Our tradtional homeland and costume clubs bear their motto written explicitely on their flag: „Sitt‘ und Tracht der Alten wollen wir erhalten“ - "We want to conserve the customs and costume of the Elders". This is valid as well for the senior club members as for their successors who get in touch with active customs even from earliest childhood already. Even the smallest ones are equipped with the traditional costume of their hometown and grow into the old customs that they hand on to the next generation. The club flag shows the respective costume of the hometown.

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Flags of homeland and traditional customs clubs

The homeland as the central topic occurs also on the middle of the picture of the flag. In Oberbayern, Upper Bavaria, very often the silhouette of a chain of mountains appears in front of the village church or of another motive taken from the respective municipality. The other side makes a reference to the club itself - a couple wearing costume with detailed reproduction of the Dirndl, the woman's dress, the leather trousers and the usual headwear - everything nobly and exclusively made in finest needle painting.

The flag and its accessories

Together with the necessary accessory parts, the exclusive flags form a precious artwork. Noble flag finials with a costume motive in gold plating harmonize perfectly with ornaments made of golden laces and with the gold cantille fringes on three sides of the flag. The matching flag banners can be equipped with a downsized picture of the costume couple. We also add ornaments with pearls or a club motive on the overhang of the banners.

Further accessories

For a perfect performance at the Gautrachtenfest or any homeland assembly, we deliver also many other smaller articles to your club that compelte the overall picture. The flag ensigns and their companions wear matching shoulder sashes with the embroidered-on club name, the leather trouses are equipped with precious hand-embroidered breast plates with leather lining. The members' hats show metal pins and badges witnessing their bearers' participation at past meetings or special distinctions.

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