Sewn flags

Fahnen Kössinger, March 2023

We sew country flags composed of up to three stripes from stock fabrics. This fabric is standard flag fabric, knitted raw white and then dyed in the finishing process.

The colors of the fabrics are more intense because the synthetic material is not only superficially printed but completely dyed. As a result, the color intensity is identical on both sides. In the case of printed flags, the brilliance of the print-through side is naturally somewhat duller. We have the ten colors required for the most common national and municipal flags in stock.

Fast production in the common colors

This means that production is possible very quickly. For the Germany flag, we need black, red and golden yellow. Of course, the colors Bavarian blue and pure white are also often needed. Many nations have dark blue (or French blue) and green stripes in addition.

Country flags on flagpoles

Material in special colors

In principle, almost any color can be realized if we know what is desired. The best way to determine the color is to use a textile color template. However, specifications according to the RAL or HKS color scales are also possible. We first measure color samples in the laboratory and set the measurement results as a recipe for the raw material.


Due to the complex dyeing process, we have defined 100 to 110 kg as the smallest regular dyeing lot, which corresponds to approximately 1,000 meters of finished goods. Smaller quantities are only possible on a sample dyeing unit. However, this is not profitable either from the production point of view or for the customer.

Apart from the 110 g/m² knitted fabric, we currently have no other qualities for sewn flags in our portfolio. The quantities purchased are far too small for this.

Quality is our top priority

After each dyeing the fabric is measured again. In this way, we ensure that there are no excessive variations between the individual batches. These would not be visible to the naked eye. Our quality assurance immediately blocks goods if the color deviations are outside the tolerances. As a consequence, new raw material must be fed into the finishing process.

High quality flags

With the colors used, the highest value is placed on color fastness against rubbing and aging against artificial light at high temperatures. The fabric is therefore characterized by its particularly high UV stability.

High quality fabric

DThe synthetic material we use for our banner flags is a knitted fabric of approx. 110 g/m². It is branded polyester with a silky smooth and dense, slightly transparent knit structure, tear-resistant and weatherproof. It can be washed at 60°C without the color bleeding.

The fabrics meet the extensive quality standards according to IATF 16949, DIN EN ISO 9001 and IQNet ISO 9001 as well as all current environmental requirements according to OEKO-TEX, GOTS, EMA, DIN EN ISO, IVN, GRS and the Fördergemeinschaft Körperverträgliche Textilien. This also includes constant laboratory tests for heavy flammability and burning behavior, so that the sewn flags can also be used indoors.

synthetic flags