Embroidered breastplates

No matter if hand embroidered in unique production or with the same motive for each club member in machine embroidery – a breastplate or costume bar refines all leather trousers and embodies a perfect signboard for each club.
Fahnen Kössinger helps you design your own, personal breastplate and make it into an optimal embroidered one. There are hardly any limits in the choice of motives for the leather trouser breastplates. Traditional lion motives that can be transferred in an especially elaborate way in hand embroidery are equally possible as town views, municipality crests or simple flower ornaments with or without text.
Very fine motives with color gradations can be made in a combination of embroidery and printing. Here, the minimumo rder quantities for the breastplates are however higher. Our saddler puts leather lining on your breastplate if you want, frames it with a zigzag leather border and attaches suspenders in your length.
  • basic fabric felt matter or twill, color to be chosen out of our extensive basic color swatches
  • embroidered with motive and text on demand
  • production in hand embroidery in single pieces resp. from five pieces on in machine embroidery
  • against surcharge, we put leather lining on the backside of the breastplate and produce suspenders including metal buckles
  • adults' or children's sizes possible
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Product details

breastplates embroidered on twill or felt matter
leather suspenders made of genuine leather

traditional ones (lions, King Ludwig)
town views, municipality crests
shooting or costume clubs' emblems
flowers, ornaments

lining with zigzag border and colorful leather
attachment of suspenders with buckles according to measurements
Suspenders with breastplate