Badges made of metal, pins

You can order your club emblem or motive with Fahnen Kössinger's in a completely personalized way. We realize also your custom-made logo in the most suitable technique. We are supplier of metal badges, lapel pins and medals in a big variety and offer extensive consultation in order to convert our customers' wishes best possible.

Different kinds of production techniques for pins are available that enable us to depict each motive perfectly on a lapel pin.
Thus, the pins are made into a real gem for your club.


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Product details

Production techniques
Offset- and silk screen printing
Combination stamping/printing
Zinc alloy casting

Minimum order quantities
Stamping: 50 pieces
Printing: 200 pieces
Combination: 100 pieces
Zinc alloy casting: 500 pieces

Stamping: copper or bronze
Printing: steel, bronze or aluminium
Combination: copper or bronze
Zinc alloy casting: zinc
Metal badges in different executions


For these precious metal badges, we use high quality copper and bronze, not the cheap iron. The material thickness for the smallest size is at least 1.2 mm, medals in big diameter can be up to 4 mm thick.

  • Possible metal colors: gold, silver/nickel, bronze, black nickel, antique gold, antique silver, antique bronze
  • for simple motives with few details, a restricted number of colors and clearly legible, short text. The colors are put on in liquid state, therefore, they have to be framed by fine metal rims. On demand, we use soft enamel colors with or without epoxy coating or especially durable burnt-in and highly polished hard enamel.
  • We also stamp your badge in flat or 3D high relief without color, in gold, silver, bronze or with antique finishing. The outside shape can be chosen at will, the same applies to holes or loops.
  • Minimum order quantity: 50 pieces

Stamped metal badges made of bronze or copper

Offset or silk screen printing

The printing is usually done on steel or bronze. For low-priced give-aways, we also use aluminium. The material thickness is abt. 0.7 mm.

  • for more detailed motives, also with fading colors, a lot of text and fine outlines
  • Epoxy coating protects the surface from scratches.
  • Minimum order quantity: 200 pieces

Metal badges in offset or silk screen printing

Combination stamping/printing

Combines the advantages of both kinds of production, the heavier, more precious metal with the enamel areas and the fine details that can be printed on later. Your metal badge can be made individually.

Metal badges with combination of stamping and printing

The casting technique

  • for especially three-dimensional motives
  • additional special and noble effects can be achieved by sand-blasting and polishing
  • Minimum order quantity: 500 pieces
  • Metal colors: gold, silver, bronze, also with antique finishing
  • also possible in combination with stamped or printed pins

Metal badges in casting technique

Backside attachments

As a rule, Fahnen Kössinger mount the pins with a long stick pin with a locker/cap (free of cost), a safety pin with or without locker or a butterfly clutch with pin, not distinguishing between prices.

with butterfly clutch

Backside attachment butterfly clutch
The butterfly clutch consists of a strong pin on which a round piece with two metal brackets is put. A small triangular peg is meant to avoid the turning of the badge.

with long stick pin

Attachment long stick pin
The approximately 45 mm long, thin needle is stuck through the fabric and prevented from gliding off by a cap with rubber inlay that is put onto the tip of the pin.

with safety pin

Backside attachment safety pin

This safety pin is very strong and is tightly closed by the tension of the metal wire in the bent counter piece.

with safety pin
and locker

Backside attachment safety pin with locker
This safety pin is additionally secured by a pivotable locker that prevents the needle from gliding out of the counter piece.

Alternatively, your badge can also be equipped with other kinds of attachments.

Special attachments

Tie clip

Tie clip for attaching metal badges


Attachment of metal badges to cufflinks


Magnets as attachment to metal badges


Keyring for metal badges

Loop and ring

Metal badge with loop and ring

Leather fob

Leather fob for metal badges

Metal garlands

When you are planning honorary events such as tributes, we recommend our stock garlands in gold, silver or bronze. Besides neutral oak and laurel leaves garlands we also offer special wreaths with texts, engraving areas or different jubilee numbers. Here, you can find our special page for Metal garlands

Metal garlands for pins