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Clubs in Germany

It's not only sports that is nicest when done in the company of a club, almost all sparetime entertainment can be enjoyed best in company. Thus, organizing one's hobby as a member of some established club seems a perfect idea. In Germany, some 500,000 of such clubs exist. Many of them are charitable ones. More and more often, their members are engaged in social activities, in environmental or human rights protection on an honorary basis. On the other hand, many other, traditional clubs have been complaining about a decreasing number of members over the past decades. It has become more and more difficult for mens' choirs, veterans' fellowships or shooting clubs to inspire young people. A common goal such as buying a new club flag may be able to ignite the enthusiasm again because already the planning and celebrating of a flag consecration may be able to weld together the members again.

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Symbols of togetherness

People meeting under the roof of a club or an association also want to demonstrate their connection to the outside. This can be done in a most beautiful way by having an embroidered club flag made. On the one side of the flag, the club's emblem or a logo hinting at the community's purpose appears. This may be e.g. a boot or a wandering man with a rucksack if it is a rambling club. Curling, maypole or bicycle clubs are bearing their symbols already in their names. Fahnen Kössinger knows the traditional motives, but we also design individual new ones for the two sides of each club flag and embroider suitable mottos around the emblems, placed besides the artful edge ornaments.

Flag finial for each club

The accessory parts for the flag should match each and every club. We have flag finials with religious motives such as crosses, logos for Catholic women's or youth clubs, Kolping and Red Cross ornaments as well as emblems for theater, horserider oder animal breeding clubs and also for young farmer associations etc. Thus, it can easily be seen from afar already under which club flag the members are gathering.

Further accessory parts for the club flag

We are also able to offer uniform clothing for a common presentation of the flag attendants and members - such as woven and embroidered neckties and scarves, flag sashes in velvet or cotton and embroidered badges with the logo and name of the club. Partner clubs, flag mother, Celebration bride or municipality have embroidered flag banners made that are attached to the metal banner ring of the flag and enhance its status further.

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