Offers for hotels and gastronomy

A well-groomed appearance is essential in the gastronomy business. This applies equally to the personnel as to the whole surroundings. Cleanly printed hoisting flags on aluminium flagpoles in front of the hotel show the way from afar.
Your conference room is decorated with indoor deco banners that we print for you individually. Mobile or fix installed beachflags for in- and outdoor usage grant a modern flair to your gastronomy business.
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printed hoisting flags in oblong format with your logo / motive

Hoisting and bannerflags

High flagpoles with attached waving hoisting or bannerflags with the hotel or restaurant logos impart international flair. Fahnen Kössinger gives you good advice about the optimal format and the design of your individual flag and prints it on weatherproof durable synthetic material. Equipped with the suitable accessories, your flags are eyecatchers and draw the attention of potential guests and customers from far away.

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Flagpoles made of aluminium or wood

Our aluminium flagpoles are available in lengths between 5 and 12 m and are easy to erect, either in ground tubes that are being put into concrete or by a hinged baseplate. If you want to make your flag better visible also in areas with lesser wind, use a flag with cantilever. For smaller guesthouses or inns, we offer our low priced wooden poles that can be supplied either in white or in a blue-and-white spiral painting. They need less space than the bigger aliminium ones.

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flagpoles made of aluminium or wood
printed beachflags with your advertising message


Our beachflags are always an eyecatcher. We offer feather, rectangle and drop shapes that can be printed on with your desired motive in heights from 200 up to over 500 cm. Numerous accessory parts enable the mounting on any ground.

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printed indoor deco banners for events and exhibitions

Indoor deco banners

Indoor banners are produced in silk screen, digital, or half-tone printing and can be provided with flame-retardant finishing. They may serve as covers for ceilings and walls, but can as well be erected on the ground.

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Further products for hotels and gastronomy

In gastronomy, outdoor and indoor advertising are equally important. The personnel ought to be clothed in uniform apparel with the tables appearing in an appealing decoration. We've got the suitable brand wear for gastronomy that we can refine by embroidery and printing. Our paper and plastic products decorate tables and walls during performances. Individually printed transparents already greet your guests on their arrival by car, and kiosk flags hint at the sale of ice and sweets in your booth.

small flags, pennants, or taster sampling picks with your logo or motive

Paper and plastic products

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fashionable business clothing for gastronomy and hotels


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