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In times of the globalisation, growing tourism forces cities and municipalities to take greater care about their public impression. For the visit from the partner city, we supply country flags from all over Germany, the flags of all nations of the world in different formats, also as hanging or oblique flags. Woven flags with information on events improve construction hoardings and are ideal for advertising messages of all kinds. Transparents put over radial highways attract drivers that may otherwise be only passing by. In the council chamber or the waiting room of the district office, room flags can be put in decorative stands as well as table banners into table stands and thus give information about coming special events.
Tourists like to buy souvenirs of the places they are visiting, e.g. T-shirts and jackets with the printed-on city silhouette, a pin or a cup with the coat of arms.

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Hoisting flags for cities and municipalities

Hoisting flags

There are regulations for the flying of flags from official buildings of the nation as well as the single states. Fahnen Kössinger knows the rules that apply in Germany and supplies all hoisting flags that are needed for official purposes or special occasions. Generally, each and every town, township, administration community have their defined municipality colors that can be found on the hoisting flags. Most of the time, these are made vertically separated with the municipality crest in the upper third.

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Banner flags

There is no difference between banner and hoisting flags in respect to the motives. They are equipped with a crossbar so that the flag still hangs out flat and the motives remain visible even when the wind is very light. An additional security ringband that is being sewn over the complete length of the flag keeps the banner close to the pole and prevents that it gets tangled up. Our flags are made of heavy-dute synthetic material that flies out lightly and shows shining colors.

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Banner flags for towns and municipalities
Flagpoles made of aluminium

Flagpoles made of aluminium

The aluminium flagpoles from Fahnen Kössinger distinguish themselves by easy installation and long durability. They are available in many different heights and can be optimally adapted to the respective place by many accessory parts. No matter if with an external or internal hoisting device, an additional cantilever or a hinged baseplate that enables an easy tilting of the pole, we gladly give you good advice and deliver the ideal pole for your municipality.

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Room flags for conference and convention rooms

Room flags

No matter if in the registry office or the council chamber, the waiting room in front of the mayor's office or the entrance area of the local museum - together with metal roomstands, room flags provide a very special decoration for these chambers.

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Flags of the Federal States of Germany

Flags of the Federal States of Germany

Fahnen Kössinger also has the necessary printing files for the flags of all 16 Federal States. Standard formats can be delivered short-term, special sizes are printed and finished for you on demand.

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Flags of the Federal States / International flags

Flags of the world

Important visitors from abroad or from the partner town of the neighboring country, international meeting of sportsmen or music festivity - in any case the administration has to put up the respective flags. We have the suitable flags.

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Hanging and oblique flags

Hanging and oblique flags

The hanging and oblique flags that are printed in an oblong format are not hoisted on flagpoles but attached directly to the façades of buildings. This is especially practical in municipalities with many landmarked edifices and only limited space in front of the town-hall or the administration building.

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printed Roll-up display systems

Roll-Up Displays

These easily transportable display systems are available in various formats. We deliver the aluminium frames as well as the graphics. For changing events, the roll-ups offer themselves as the ideal advertising means.

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printed transparents, street banners and tarpaulins


Transparents can be applied as advertising means at different places. As a banner stretched over a street, at the construction fence, on the house façade or at the exhibition booth – the advertisement is extensive and eye-catching, and it can be left at a place for a long time.

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printed transparents resp. construction fence flags

Woven construction fence flags

These construction fence flags may serve a double purpose - the beautification of construction sites and the advertisement for events of the town or the executing construction companies. They should be made of heavy-duty material.

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printed streetbanner with clamped cantilever


No space for additional flagpoles or stands? Then use the already existing lampposts or other poles. Our streetbanner cantilevers can be attached to most round poles by adjustable tube brackets.

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Further products for your city branding

Uniform clothing of the employees communicates a good first impression to the visitors also in an administration or, e.g. the tourist office of a city. In times when tourism is getting more and more important, also small souvenirs such as pins with a town motives or table decoration in terms of table banners should not be lacking. For tributes, we have neutral documents on stock, but also supply manifold standard motives or documents that are inscribed by our graphic designers individually on demand.

table banners and table standards

Table banners

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