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Flag poles for club flags,  banners, and standards

Flag poles

You are planning to buy a flag pole for your club? Fahnen Kössinger gives you
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Flag finials for club flags and banners

Flag finials

Gold plated flag finials, highly polished, with finely engraved details are the
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carrying straps for flags and standards

Carrying straps for flags

A very important accessory item for the bearer of the club flag or standard is the
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rain protection covers for club flags, standards and banners

Protective covers for club flags

Protection against rain and soiling while using the flag outdoors is provided by the
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transport bags for club flags and standard

Transport bags

Club flags and standards often have to be transported by car or by bus
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bannerarms for standards


Different from flags, standards are fixed on two sides - one side is attached to the pole
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 flag stands for club flags and standards

Flag stands

After a parade or during a longer stay outside of the club home, e.g. on stages or
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mourning banners for club flags and standards

Mourning banners

Flag delegations have the mournful obligation to take part in funerals of deceased members
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