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Church requirements

Altar cloths in high quality embroidery

Altar cloths

Nowadays, altar cloths mainly serve as decorative tablecloths, but
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Decoration cloths for churches in yellow-white

Decoration cloths

Decoration cloths for churches that are hung up during high festivals while the Holy Mass
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Corpus Christi cloths  - window decoration for the festival of Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi cloths

The normally red or winered Corpus Christi cloths that are traditionally serve
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Canopies and Corpus Christi daises for church parishes


Your church parish is interested in a new canopy? Fahnen
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Vesper coat/smoke vesture - liturgical garments for special celebratory parts of the mass

Vesper coat

DThis liturgical garment is worn by priests during the especially ceremonious
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Memorial banners for the first mass of a recently ordained priest

Memorial banners for the first mass of a recently ordained priest

Fahnen Kössinger produces memorial banners for the first mass of a recently
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Sacral embroideries such as garments and cloths

Other sacral embroideries

In church liturgy, traditions are of a high importance
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The church year is strictly structured and is subjected to a fix liturgy with prescriptions regarding the equipment of the Lord's houses as well as their clerical personnel. The churches are decorated with Catholic white-yellow resp. Protestant white-purple bannerflags on high festivals such as Corpus Christi, Palm Sunday, Easter or Christmas. Fahnen Kössinger supplies the suitable flagpoles made of aluminium or wood. The hoisting of the bannerflags onto the poles is not difficult at all, and the poles themselves can also be easily dismounted and transported. For clubs, we print and sew also waving flags with their respective emblem. During celebratory processions when the Holy Corpus Christi is carried through the streets in a monstrance the priest is protected below a canopy that has been equipped with church symbols and elaborately embroidered ornaments by us. The banner on a crossbar made of high quality brocade or damask fabric is also trimmed with Christian emblems. The streets are decorated with church flags, the window sills are covered by Corpus Christi cloths with cross motives of our production. The altar is adorned with a finely embroidered cloth, the priest wears a vesper coat with Christian motive. Parament embroidery is a particular speciality of Fahnen Kössinger. The clubs accompanying processions and parades take their club flag or standard with them. On them, numerous embroidered flag banners are hung, among them also the memorial banner of the newly ordained priest from the municipality reminding of his first mass.