Printing techniques


Silk screen printing

For silk screen printing or "chemical steam printing", the first step is to fabricate a screen or mesh for each single color. The brilliant fast dyestuff (no mixtures, color clearly defineable according to Pantone, RAL or HKS) is put on in long printing lanes and finally fixated. Thereafter, the color is tightly enclosed in the fibre, and the fabric can be washed without bleaching.

This kind of printing is suitable for indoor as well as outdoor usage, also for flags, banners, umbrellas, parasols, display systems, etc. wherever the backsides may be visible reversely.

The order quantities should be in the middle to higher areas (at least 10 or 15 pcs).

Digital printing

In digital printing, the color is in principle applied onto the fabric in the same way as by the known ink jet printers. After the application, the colors are fixated thermically by hot steam (175°C) which opens the fibres. This enables the absorption of the color into the inside of the fibre and makes it light-, weather-, and waterfast. The flags can be washed without losing their colors. The motive is visible reversely on the backside.

Digital printing is suitable for indoor and outdoor usage, also for smallest quantities and changing motives. This kind of printing allows very short delivery times.