Image films

A picture paints a thousand words - although our films are not translated into the English language yet, they still give you a good impression of the restoration and conservation of embroidered club flags. Accompany us into our exhibition room for business and club clothing, and take part in the production of printed flags.

Image film club flags

Take part in a consultation interview about the restoration of a traditional club flag, and have a look over our embroiderers' shoulders.

Image film printed flags and advertising textiles

Follow us into our office, and see how printed flags are calculated, designed by our graphics department and quality checked. In our exhibition room for club and business clothing, we show samples for the refinement of textiles.

Picking up the club flag / Flag festival

Even picking up the new or restored club flag or standard can become an event for the shooting club, fire brigade, costume, carneval or riders' club. The flag that was manufactured by Fahnen Kössinger in highest quality or the restored traditional flag can be picked up by the club in the course of a guided tour through our embroidery - a special start for the flag consecration, the foundation festival or jubilee.

Production/Restoration of club flags

Our film shows you how club flags are being manufactured resp. restored starting from the design until the execution by our skilled workers. "Visit" our graphic designers and hand embroiderers at their working place, and watch how the artworks for the new flag develop, what to keep an eye on during the restoration and why Fahnen Kössinger counts as a specialist for the renovation and new production of club flags and standards. By means of a new flag that is being individually made in decade-old tradition and is kept as a symbol in the decades to come, shooting clubs, fire brigades, costume, riders', and carneval clubs as well as students' fraternities show togetherness and belonging.