Hanging and oblique flags


Hanging and oblique flags

Hanging flags are put up in an oblong format, and their execution is similar to that of the bannerflags. In contrast however, they are attached to wall holders, either straight or oblique. The holders are mostly attached to house façades. The standard finishing are a white, strong belt ribbon with plastic spring hooks. The other sides are sewn with a double security seam.
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Product details

Standard format 120 x 300 cm
Special sizes on demand


Advertisement on house façades
oblique or straight mounting on walls


  • Synthetic (knitted)
    abt. 110 g/m²
    brand polyester with a silk-smooth and dense, lightly transparent knitted structure, untearable and weather resistant.

  • Airflag (knitted)
    abt. 110 g/m²
    This quality has the same characteristics as synthetic but possesses a hole structure. The edges are only cut, not seamed.

  • Canvas/deco (woven)
    abt. 155 g/m²
    Dull, light waving, extreme tear-resistant material that is preferred in areas with strong winds.


  • On the upper edge, there is a sewn white belt ribbon with plastic spring hooks every meter, double security seams all around (airflag only cut)
  • Optional white belt ribbon and plastic spring hooks also on the long side
  • Special finishing on demand

Special production

The unit price of a hanging flag in special printing is depending on the following criteria:
  • Quantity
  • Size
  • Quality
  • Number of printing colors
  • Finishing