Club flags for fraternity clubs / Village clubs / Women's costume clubs

Youth maintaining tradition

Those stating that today's youngsters are no longer interested in old customs and traditions quickly get another opinion when visiting the festivity of a fraternity club. From all neighboring villages and town, friendly boys and girls in uniform costumes gather with their club flags in order to celebrate the local fraternity club's jubilee (nowadays often with a female group) with music and dance. Only unmarried young people are allowed to be a member, this is also an old custom.

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Planning and equipipng a festivity

Fahnen Kössinger is well acquainted with these old customs and traditions. We deliver the suitable flags with pole and green garlands for the annual erection of maypoles. Village festivals, carnival dance, theater performances or rock parties that are organised by the young people are supplied by us with the necessary advertising material such as roll-ups, promotional banners or beachflags. Admission bands made of paper, fabric or plastic can also be provided as paper flags, lottery tickets or T-shirts with imprint of embroidery showing the respective event. We are of help right from the beginning when a new club flag has to be designed.

Motive and slogan on the club flag

Very often, boys' and girls' clubs wish to have a center motive on their flag that symbolises faithfulness and solidarity. The "brotherhands" - two hands reaching out for each other - put into a garland of leaves are ideal for this. Completed by a suitable slogan such as "Freunde der Jugend, Freunde fürs Leben" - "Friends of Youth, friends for Life" the new club flag shows exactly what is important to the village club. Traditionally, there is a close relationship with the Catholic church as the village priests had taken special care of the Christian education of the unmarried young men in the past centuries.

The complete program for the club flag

In order not to forget anything when planning a jubilee, fraternity clubs like to ask for advice with oru specialists. What is the best kind of transporting the precious club flag? - We offer a transport bag with inside pockets to safely store finial, pole and the other accessories. Protection against rain or dirt? - For this purpose, we have transparent covers or sacks. Suitable memorial gifts? - We embroider and print flag and memorial banners.