Club flags for shooting clubs

The shooting club - a tradition since the 12th century

Originally, former soldiers and war veterans united in shooting associations to establish order in democratically organised vigilant groups. Club flags are still witness to this time showing very often text additions such as "shooting association by the privilege of the king", "civilian shooting union" or "shooting brotherhood". When this protecting function was taken over by governmental organisations, the sportive aspect gradually came to the fore. Since then, Fahnen Kössinger has been producing club flags also for sports shooting associations, sports pistols clubs or crossbow shooters.

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Shooting motives on the club flag

The history of shooters is also reflected in the motives and texts on each club flag. The year of foundation is proudly presented in precious hand embroidery. A motto such as "Im Auge Klarheit - im Herzen Wahrheit" (with a clear eye and trueness in the heart) forms a frame around the shooting motive that decorates one side of the club flag. Most of the time it is a target with eagle, gun or the stag of St. Hubertus, often also St. Sebastian.

Flag finial and banner ring

The club flag is being carried along in parades and during festivities attached to a strong wooden pole that is decorated with a finial made of brass. Fahnen Kössinger offers a great variety of motives to shooting clubs - crossed guns, targets, eagles or simply a garland made of leaves - even from afar the club flag is visible as a precious piece owned by the shooting club. The embroidered flag banners that partner clubs, the municipality or the flag bride have donated for the consecration of the flag can be attached to the spring hooks of the respective banner ring.

Club flag - club accessories

The flag ensigns carrying or accompanying the club flag are marked by green-white sashes. A custom-made uniform sewn by our tailor, shoulder epaulettes, adjutants' cords and sleeve badges with the club emblem provide for a clean appearance of which the club can be proud.



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