Banner on crossbar for parishes and clubs

If you want some special format for your embroidered flags, we recommend a banner on a crossbar. The usual measurements are abt. 80 x 120 cm or 90 x 130 cm, but we can, of course, also make special sizes on demand. Fahnen Kössinger designs each banner according to your personal imagination. Ecclesiestical clubs in particular like to carry such banners in front of parades, but also other clubs have such noble banners on crossbars with tassel sets made.

The overhand and the lower rim of the banner are decorated by fine artificial silk or gold cantille fringes. Matching tassels take care of a classy completion.
The crossbar is made of wood and is equipped with two brass end knobs and flag scales.
Fo mourning banners or on special demand, we also provide chrome plated accessory parts.

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Banner of diverse clubs with crossbars

Suitable accessories

Banner for clubs

As many clubs there exist, as many possibilities do we have to design a banner on a crossbar. The most succinct motive of the club or association is put onto the banner together with a suitable slogan so that one can see from afar already which community is represented by the preciously made artwork.

Banner for women's clubs

Very early already, the founder of the Catholic women's union stood up for equal rights for women, however remaining in the tradition of the Catholic church. This is reflected on the union's embroidered banners on crossbar.


Club side

On the clubs side, a motive of St. Mary or any other parish patron saint is gladly used,
e.g. with the slogan:
"Heilige Maria, bitt' für uns" (St. Mary, pray for us)


The homeside can be equipped with the emblem of the Women's Union or with the parish church.
The name of the club appears around the motive,
possibly with foundation year and the year of the banner's consecration.


Banner for firebrigades

Banner for firebrigades are figureheads of the respective clubs and show besides firebrigade symbols very often St. Florian, the patron saint of the firebrigades.

Firebrigade banner

Club side

St. Florian, patron saint of the firebrigades
Symbols of the club and different slogans


Municipality crest
Pictures of the firestation or buildings of the hometown

Banner for guilds

The banner of a guild should be a symbol for handiwork and its traditional value system. The members are united by the struggle for the continuation and upkeeping of tradition and craftsmanship.

 Guild banner

Club side

On the club side, there are pictures typical for each of the guilds, sometimes old craft emblems. Above these, one can often find the name, foundation year and domicile of the guild. The banners bear the emblems of cooks, painters, confectioners, carpenters, locksmiths and many more of the handicraft guilds.


The homeside often relates to the domicile of the guild or an important edifice, crest or symbol.


Banners on a crossbar – the somehow special flag

Banners on a crossbar are often wished for by ecclesiestical communions, but not only. He who chooses this special format for his flag also expects something special in design and execution of his banner.

  • Our employees at first try to find out these expectations during an interview.
  • Your ideas are put down in first sketches and small artworks by our graphic designers.
  • If our artworks are to your liking, you obtain an artwork in original size of the banner. You can already see how the finished banner is going to look like.
  • Thus, also our embroiderers can visualize which embroidery techniques are best suitable for production.


The art of embroidery

For years, our specialists in the embroidery have been learning diverse embroidery techniques and know exactly which motives and texts have to be made in which hand and machine embroidery. They master the high relief gold embroidery as well as the drop stitch universal feed embroidery and conjure the originally drawn pictures onto the damask, brocade, rep or velvet of the banner. Highest quality guaranteed - it also has tradition in our embroidery enterprise.

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