Banner flags


Printed banner flags

Due to their decorative effect, banner flags are mostly used by municipalities, towns and authorities. At the top edge, they have a hollow sleeve/tunnel and are equipped with a wooden crossbar and plastic end knobs. A white polyester rope serves as hanging device.

From a flag length of 300 cm up and for outdoor usage, we recommend an additional security ringband that serves as storm protection of your bannerflag. This protective band is transparent and equipped with a ring loop every 22 cm. A polyester rope is stuck through the rings leaving a piece of rope standing out at the bottom. This complete fixture is very effective.
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Product details

Synthetic 110 g/m²
Canvas/Deco 150 g/m²
on demand with fire retardant finishing according to B1

Standard formats
80 x 200 cm
100 x 200 cm
120 x 300 cm
120 x 400 cm
150 x 350 cm
150 x 400 cm
150 x 450 cm
150 x 500 cm
150 x 600 cm

Special sizes according to your demands are possible any time. We produce exactly on customer demand.

top with hollow sleeve/tunnel with crossbar
polyester rope
security ringband on demand
additional crossbar at the bottom on demand

Performance areas
as a church banner
as a municipality flag
as advertising medium

Finishing of banner flags & accessories

Finishing of banner flags

Standard finishing

By default, the upper edge of our banner flags is equipped with a tunnel/hollow sleeve and all around with a double security seam.
Security ringband

Security ringband

On demand, we finish your banner flag with a security ringband as protection against storms.
Additional crossbar

Additional crossbar

Still more stability can be obtained by adding a second crossbar at the lower edge of the banner flag. It makes the flag even more solid and keeps it in a better shape.
Mourning banner

Mourning banner

For corresponding occasions, you can get a mourning banner as an accessory for our banner flags. Synthetic, abt. 110 g/m², black, the size ressembles 20 % of the flag length.