Fahnen Kössinger, July 12, 2017
There is no doubt that a proper flag or standard represents a precious signpost for each club allowing a good-looking performance at each festivity. The decision for or against the purchasing of a new club flag is mainly depending on the costs involved. What does the club have to reckon with, which expenses will have to be expected?
The question about the price for a club flag is supposedly the most frequent one that we are asked after being contacted first. Unfortunately, it cannot be answered in a simple way - in comparison, nobody would expect an exact reply to the question "what does a car cost?".
Never is a flag for a club a standardized product. Each flag or standard is a unique piece and is being designed and worked out individually in constant discussion with the customer.
In order to understand which labor is basically necessary for the production of a flag, here a short survey about the development of a new club flag or standard:
  • During a counseling interview, we note our customers' conceptions of how they would like their new club flag to look.
  • Our in-house graphic designers then make the first sketches and artworks. These so-called "small artworks" that are made in a proportionally smaller scale show the arrangement and colors of the two flag sides. You get this artwork free of cost from us.
  • After another interview and the approval of the design proposals, the club receives an artwork in original size.
  • Now, the choice of the materials and the exact definition of the embroidery techniques begins.
Example of a club flag
Example of a Club flags for fraternities
Our advice:
Let us know your approximate ideas about how the club flag should look like, which size you want it to have, which material you wish. Very often, it is also helpful to know a rough target price.
Thus, if the budget is rather low, we can offer you a low-priced alternative such as a club flag in digital printing.
Double-sided printed flags with loops and cord fringes can be made at a price of € 560,-- excl. VAT plus printing file costs already.
Club flags
In respect to embroidered flags, one can basically say: the more handiwork and the more elaborate the motives, the higher the price. That's why we need your approximate idea how you imagine the finished flag to look like.

The costs can basically be influenced by the choice of the
  • materials (velvet/pure silk/flag rep/mixed silk material)
  • size (small standard from 60 x 60 cm/big flag in 140 x 140 cm)
  • embroidery techniques (computer writings/texts in pure handiwork in gold cantille)
  • motive design (small, simple outlines/big areas, colorful shades)
  • accessory parts (pole with bayonet nut connector/primmed pole with octagonal gear)


The price calculations of flags and standards that have to be restored is even more difficult. Our specialists check the traditional piece very diligently and list the respective damages on fabric, fringes, embroidery, and also on the pole and the metal parts. For this purpose, you best hand us in your flag. If this is not possible, send us detailed photos that document the damaged parts. Thus, the possibilities of a restoration can already be evaluated.
Very often, the professional renovation of an old flag is at least as complex as the production of a completely new flag.
On our homepage, under "club flags/flag restoration", you find precious advice and descriptions about how we proceed with the evaluation.