Graphics service

Our special service -
the proper graphics specialist for each product

Embroidered club flags, metal pins, printed advertising banners, woven neckties - our customer need a multitude of products that we are supposed to fabricate individually on their personal demands.
It goes without saying that it takes a completely different kind of artwork for a small honorary pin than for a embroidered standard. The construction fence banner with the huge advertising space has to be digitally printed, the hoisting flag in higher amounts is in contrast done in silk screen printing. The requirements for the preparation of the printing files are very different here as well.
Hardly any of our customers have the possibility to make the necessary artworks, files, or drawings themselves. Here, our single graphics departments join the game. They allow us to offer you an extraordinary service.

Embroidered club flags, standards, and flag banners - the artist's hand-made drawing

Right from the outset, we work closely with our customers in respect to the design. Materials and embroidery techniques have to be optimally adapted to the design. Our experienced sales representatives carry out intensive interviews with the customer in advance, and already involve the graphics department. At first, the embroidery is carefully drawn. If there are still uncertainties in the design, our artists will make a small draft free of charge, which already contains all the details, but also still allows changes. This is a unique service that you will only find at Fahnen Kössinger's. The proportionally outlaid sketches of both sides of the flag already give a very good impression of the arrangement and color design of the front and back sides. If these correspond to the ideas of the customers, our experienced graphic artists really make their artful drawings, e.g. from local views or holy figures on parchment paper by hand - here nothing is generated by the computer in a standardized way.
Together with the texts and crest, the overall artwork, the so-called "work drawing", comes into existence from the manually drawn part of the picture. It is made in original size and serves as a model to the embroiderers in the further production process. To our customers, it already conveys a very good impression of the later finished flag, as the writings and motives are already put on the correct place.

Printed flags, advertising technology - the prepress from the media designer

The requirements for the production of graphic designs in the area of the advertising technology are completely different.Here, our printing and media technicians' computer literacy are asked for. They contribute their experience in graphic design as well as digital printing techniques. We have developed data sheets for each of our advertising articles which take account of cutting tolerances, safety lines, end and sight formats as well as tunnel hems and seams. It goes without saying that those are put up in a different way for bannerflags as for beachflags. Folding tents and hoisting flags demand entirely other printing preparations - here, you can trust in our designers' detailed knowledge. In case you do not possess the necessary prepared data for your printed product, we develop the suitable layout in close consultation with you, let you have a preproduction sketch for approval. Your product is being printed as soon as it matches exactly your imagination. For already existing files, we have prepared specifications for the data format,the necessary resolution, and also the optimal transfer to our company server in order to keep the effort as small as possible right from the beginning.

Club and festivity requirements - the production sketch for each manufacturing technique from ou graphic designer

You are not sure whether the metal pin with your club emblem is most beautiful in stamping or in printing, how the motive on your necktie is best placed, or whether the Gothic text type on the embroidered badge is still legible? Then make use of our special service for these articles - we already make you a small sketch together with the offer answering these questions right away. After your fix order, we discuss the rest of the details with you and send you a production sketch on which you can exactly see how the pin is going to look stamped or printed, and which colors we are going to use.