Offers for homeland and costume clubs

Hardly any other club symbolises vital traditions more than the homeland and costume club. This is why the costume typical for the area appears on the club flag that we design individually for each club. Flag ensigns with embroidered sashes made of shining velvet are needed who wear hats with especially elaborate stamped metal pin and embroidered sleeve badges with the club emblem.
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Homeland and costume clubs flag

Flags for homeland and costume clubs

The maintenance of traditions and the love of the homeland have utmost priority for our homeland and costume clubs. By wearing traditional costumes in the original, basic form this connection is symbolised in the best way. Thus, it is self-evident to have a couple wearing the costume as the center motive of the club flag showing each little detail of the apron, the leather trousers, and the headwear most exactly. The silhouette of the mountain area in the background or a motive out of the native town on the home side of the flag form another reference to the club's home.

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Homeland and costume club standards

The motives on standards are especially well visible. Standards are attached to a bannerarm at the top and show the town picture, the costume couple or the club crest in straight from, not diagonally as on the flags. The ornaments made of golden lace and suitable gold cantille fringes convert the standard into a precious piece of art that can be proudly presented by the homeland and costume club at festivities and jubilees. The golden plated standard finial with matching motive makes the standard complete.

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homeland and costume club standards
Badges made of fabric and metal for homeland and costume clubs

Badges for homeland and costume clubs

For tributary events, Fahnen Kössinger offers either standard stick pins or as well hangers drapes and engraving field for individual writings. The costume couple taken from the flag or standard can also be embroidered on a badge suitable for jackets or blouses. If you want something very special, we stamp your traditional motive into metal, either in gold, silver or bronze, also in enamel colors so that your costume can be worn as a stick pin on the collar of a jacket or blouse.

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Flag banners for homeland and costume clubs

Flag banners

The approximately 130 cm long and 25 cm wide banners that are attached to a bannerring of a flag or standard are available in many different execution. We give you good advice in designing your special flag banner.

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Sashes for homeland and costume clubs


Most homeland and costume clubs wear sashes in green and white. On demand, we also sew other color combinations. The name of the club can be added in artificial silk or gold metallic thread.

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Further products for your homeland and costume clubs

Fahnen Kössinger offers everything that is necessary for your area costume festival or your jubilee - as well before the event, for organisation and advertising as for the equipment of the tent and the club members. A nice picture is created by uniform clothing, embroidered costume shirts for gentlemen are equally possible as shoulder and neck scarves with club emblem for the ladies.The leather trouses of costume bearers look especially noble with hand or machine embroidered breastplates that are lined and framed in by real leather. We also add your initials in individual handiwork on your breastplate.

Festivity requirements for homeland and costume clubs

Festivity requirements

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Costume shirts with embroidery

Embroidered costume shirt

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Suspenders and breastplates

Suspenders and breastplates

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