Cleaning and refreshing

Cleaning and refreshing of dirty club flags

Even with the most careful treatment and painstaking handling of a club flag, it cannot be avoided that a flag or a standard shows stains and dirty spots in the course of time. Sometimes, the velvet fabric of the flag only possesses dents which, however, also disrupt the overall picture. The specialists at Fahnen Kössinger's know what to do when cleaning/refreshing a flag so that your precious piece looks like new again.

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Product details

Maintenance for a long durability of a flag
The flag is being newly tautened, steaned and impregnated
Small repair works possible
Smaller spots can be removed /> Damages on fringes, writings or embroideries are being repaired


Process of cleaning

  • tautening of the flag on a frame
  • vacuum cleaning of dust and loose dirt particles in a protective net
  • rinsing in a water bath in horizontal position
  • careful treatment of spots with anionic tensides
  • drying of the filaments in warm air


While refreshening the flag, small repair works can be executed as well. On demand, embroideries are being repaired or fringes replaced by new ones. Our experts are willing to give you unconditional recommendations as to which small repair works might be necessary to conserve your precious club flag.

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