Club flags for firebrigades

The firebrigade – save, salvage, extinguish, protect

These valuable services for the common good are expressed in the pictogram and motto of German firebrigades. They are supposed to be presented to the public in a respective way. The members of each firebrigade can proudly carry their preciously embroidered club flag showing the patron saint, traditional, ancient firebrigade symbols or modern emblems and pictograms.

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The club flag - a link between the firebrigade and its hometown

The writings that are made in precious handiwork show the hometown and the motto, the ornaments in the corner of the club flag can be supplemented by old firebrigade emblems such as a wheel, crossed axes or historical helmets as well as by the year of the foundation and the time of the flag consecration.
Ever so often, the members of the voluntary firebrigades have their firestation embroidered onto the homeland side. The close relationship to the hometown is often shown by adding the whole picture of the municipality or its parish church.

Noble brass parts and flag banners for the firebrigade club flag

The flag finial is made of highly polished, gold varnished brass and shows from afar already to which club the flag belongs. Popular motives for finial are here as well the firebrigade wheel, flames, crossed axes or a helmet with tube.
The banner ring offers space for up to a dozen of flag banners that are donated by partner clubs, friendly firebrigades, members of the female firebrigade youth, the "flag mother" or the municipality. We embroider each name of the donators for flag and banner on the backside of the donation banners so that they can still be read after decades.

Further accessories for the club flag

Your firebrigade can obtain the necessary accessory parts from Fahnen Kössinger as well – red-white sashes for the flag ensigns, uniform jackets and shirts with embroidered badges according to the prescriptions of the respective fire brigade association as well as honorary medals for long-term services in different executions and metal colors.

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