Apprenticeship at Fahnen Kössinger's

Young people are our future

For Fahnen Kössinger, this is not just a flowery phrase. Without new blood, no club is able to go on existing, and a company needs trainees that know the enterprise from scratch because they learn from the long-term, experienced employees. They know the procedures because they have to pass through each department. Externally hired employees lack this experience, and often, the identification with the enterprise has to develop gradually first.
A team that is mixed in respect to the age is a guarantee that new ideas and intellectual approaches are paired with traditionel ways of labor and a routined completion of the everyday work. Thus, the young generation learns from the old one and vice versa, and the company gets impulses for a continuous development.

The apprenticeship at Fahnen Kössinger's - administration, handicraft, creativity


We have our young co-workers pass through all departments. At the moment, we employ two female trainees in the second year and one in the first year of their apprenticeship, and train them to be businesswomen for office management. From September 2017, a young man will join the team.
The responsible persons have put up exact plans so that our trainees and all employees know which jobs are going to be done in the following three or four months each - calculate offers, getting to know the shipping procedures, lead sales conversations or learn the secrets of the bookkeeping. Purchasing, stock keeping, club and festivity requirements, flagpoles or textiles - there is a multitude of topics at Fahnen Kössinger's, there is a lot to learn, and at the end of the apprenticeship, it is certainly clear in which area the trainee wants to be occupied further and would like to focus on. Because we are naturally interested in employing the young people further once they have successfully finished their apprenticeship.
As requirements for this versatile profession, we see a good high school exam, interest in economic topics, a secure handling of the computer, and a good verbal and written expression. The contact with customers is very intensive due to the many articles that have to be explained thoroughly which asks for excellent conversational abilities.

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The manager of the apprenticeships in our flag embroidery can also be a little less worried since she got a young trainee for textile design in the craft of embroidery under her care. There may still be more of them. We have more than enough work, and we are constantly looking for interested people who like to be creative and skilled in handiwork. Dexterity and technical comprehension are essential for this craft profession, because the machines have to be maintained as well, and there may be small repairs to be done from time to time. The embroiderer is part of the development of a flag or a flag banner right from the beginning. She should bring along a certain degree of creativity and drawing knowledge in order to be able to sketch artworks and make sample designs. Those are agreed on directly between the customer and the embroiderer so that a certain orientation towards customers is also necessary.
We require the conclusion of middle school - the theoretical education takes place in a block at a special textile vocational school then. The dual system of education takes care of a balanced relation between theory and practice also in professions that are more manually defined.

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As there are quite specific requirements for the designing of our many products, we also urgently need media designers, artists or other artistically gifted employees. Therefore, we also train media designers for print and digital media. Artworks are not only made in the computer, our graphic artists also still draw per hand if they work on the big embroidered flags. A secure hand and a good eye paired with a good understanding for colors, proportions, and possible design are essential for this wonderful profession that equally asks for creativity and an understanding of technique.
For the preparation of the printing of our manifold products of the advertising technique sector, computer programms are used that our trainees are getting acquainted with. They learn how to use the techniques and also apply their own ideas. Our customers are supposed to get a graphically balanced and technically high-quality product. We recommend warmly to our trainees to claim this pretension to themselves already when starting their career with us.

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We are looking forward to many applications

Would you like one of the above described professions? Then visit career page! We are also looking forward to getting your speculative application, i.e. when you just ask us if we are in need for somebody with your abilities and interests. Our company is continuously growing, and thus, we are also looking for clever heads and industrious hands.