Club flags for veterans' and reservists' clubs

Warrior - soldiers, veterans - reservists

Reading the inscriptions on club flags of military associations often is like reading a history book. The Bavarian Soldiers' Confederation as legal successor of the "Königlich Bayerischen Kriegerbundes", the Royal Bavarian Warrior's Confederation, carries its foundation year of 1874 in its registered club name. Even older club flags that are being restored or conserved at Fahnen Kössinger's show the changes of names from "warriors" to "soldiers" and quote the beginning and end of the two World Wars. A temporal classification of the production of such old traditional flags is often possible just by the usage of certain symbols that have been employed only at a very restricted period of time.

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Coats of arms and symbols

More than other clubs, military comradships employ coats of arms, crests, flags and other symbols of sovereignty on their club flags. Bavarian warrior clubs often used the old Bavarian crest with the two lions looking away from the coat of arms and crowns. The crest of the reservists in black-red-gold shows the Iron Cross in its center. A warrior comradship of 1908 may as well still have the flag of the old empire (Reichsflagge) in black-white-red in its center picture. Fahnen Kössinger restores such traditional club flags as true to original as possible.

High class finishing

Club flags no longer serve as identification marks of military units on the battlefield, not even for soldiers, reservists and comradeships. They rather represent their associations at events and assemblies. Therefore Fahnen Kössinger equip the high quality embroidered flags with equally noble refinings and finishings. Golden fringes and highly polished brass parts are as implicit as flag finials with the reservists' coat of arms, the Iron Cross or the Bavarion lion in various executions in partly genuine gilding. Even individual special productions are possible.

Special accessories according to regulations

Prescriptions for the wearing of the sashes by the flag ensigns are as well known to Fahnen Kössinger as the execution of pins and medals for honorary events or the common motives on embroidered sleeve badges. All this belongs to the services that we are taking for granted.



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