Embroidered flag banners

Flagbanners are an indication of high esteem and are normally donated to a club during the consecration of a new club flag or in the course of a jubilee.

The most precious of the banners are made in pure handwork with real gilded webs in an utmost top quality. Even the basic materials impress by their high value and extraordinary appearance. Normally, we used velvet or flag rep for a flag banner. Ornaments and motives are executed in a very natural way by applying the finest flat embroidery and artificial silk embroidery. For motives that are especially elaborate, we recommend the production of the flag banners in hand painting. The writings are hand-made on this flag banner, the sides equipped with exclusive laces and cords, the bottom tip is decorated by precious gold fringes. Apart from that, these banners exhibit a high quality metallic or pearl ornament. For the flag banners, a wooden crossbar hanger with golden cord has proved to be best. A metal hanging is available for a slight surcharge.

On the bottom of the page, you find an exact description of the different price groups.
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Product details

Production options
in embroidery
in digital printing

Kinds of flag banners
Godfather's banner
Festivity ladies' banner
Mourning banner
Committee's banner
Patron's banner and many more

simple execution in 20 x 110 cm
Standard format for club flags 25 x 130 cm
other sizes on demand possible

simple, in machine embroidery, text only
machine embroidery, text in gold metallic, colorful motives
high quality, hand embroidered text
especially precious with pearl ornaments etc.
various flag banners

Types of flag banners

Flag banners are donated at consecrations and jubilees especially in the German States of Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg as well as in Austria.

Godfather's banner

Godfather's banner
In Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg as well as in Austria, it is common practice for the jubilee club and their Godfather club to donate a flag banner to each other. No matter if it is equipped with an expressive motive or just with a suitable ornament, the Godfather's banner will remind everybody of the event for many years to come.
Of course, we will give you good advice and clarify all questions that may occur in respect to the design of your Godfather's banner. Your wishes and notions for the flag banner can be executed individually. If you like, you can choose out of a huge fund of motives and different design proposals.

Mother of Flag/Festivity banner

Mother of Flag/Festivity banner
The big honor to be chosen as the "Mother of Festivity" is usually paid back by the ladies by donating a richly garnished banner with ornaments, pearls or flowers. On the backside, there is space for embroidering the names of the participants.

Mourning banner

Mourning banner
Often, a municipality donates a mourning banner, or the club has one made with the names of the deceased members embroidered in silver metallic thread. According to the occasion, our mourning banners distinguish themselves by special aesthetics, dignified design and high quality.
You also have the choice here between already existing motives or logos that are made on your own demand.
On the backside, or maybe also on the front, the names of the deceased members may be embroidered.


Patron's banner
In order to express his connection with the club, the patron donates a flag banner for the flag consecration. The leaders of a town often use the municipality crest for this purpose. When, e.g. the mayor takes on the patronage, the crest of the municipality or town is often embroidered on the banner.


Committee's banner
The committee can donate a banner e.g. for a foundation festivity or a flag consecration, with the names on the backside. As a rule, ornaments or a motive related to the club decorate such banners.

On the backside, the names of the festival or the club committee can be embroidered on. The flag banner will remind everybody of the festivity for a long period of time.

Flag ensign banner

Flag ensign banner
The flag bearer or flag ensign can hand over a banner for the flag consecration in order to express his pride of this honorable task. The banner brings to mind in a well visible way who the bearer is. Flag ensigns are often responsible for the presentation of a flag for decades and show their deep connection with this task. A flag ensign banner is a good means to show this to the outside, as well.

Other flag banners

Other flag banners
Banners are also donated by
  • the manager
  • the honorable manager
  • an honorable member
  • the shooting champion of the district
  • the honorable mother of the flag
  • members of the club
  • the ladies of the club

We help you designing and have access to an abundance of experience and motives.

Material, executuion, finishing and hanging

Fahnen Kössinger uses noble velvet or flag rep
as basic fabrics for the flag banners.
  • The ornaments are made by machine in finest flat embroidery
    either in artificial silk or a metallic thread..
  • For hand embroidered writings and ornaments we use
    cantille filaments with real gilding.
  • For especially elaborate motives, we recommend hand painting.
  • The most exclusive banners are ornamented by laces and cords
    completed by precious gold fringes at the bottom and
    on the overhang.
  • High quality metallic and pearl ornaments distinguish
    the highest price class.
As a rule, the flag banner is equipped with a wooden crossbar at the top
with gold colored soutache (mourning banners with silver one).
A metal hanging is available on demand against a small surcharge.
Mounting of flag band hangers


Price classes

The flag banners are being made in different price classes by Fahnen Kössinger depending on the execution and choice of motives. The standard basic material is velvet, a robust wooden crossbar and a gold cord serve as hanging device. We embroider the texts with modern machines and refine the banners with high quality gold fringes. The backside is lined with velvet. The normal format is 25 x 135 cm. We also produce banners in other sizes.

Price group 1

The whole text is embroidered in artificial silk. Simple flowers or gold ornaments in outlines only decorate the banner. The sides are finished by a golden cord, the overhang is only indicated by fringes.

Price group 2

Here, the whole text is executed with a shining metallic thread. Everything else is as with group 1, i.e. simple flowers or gold ornaments in outlines, indicated overhang and a gold cord at the sides.

Price group 3

The whole writings are embroidered in a shining metallic thread. The overhang is lose. The sides are decorated by a precious gold braid and cord. In the center of the banner, a special motive according to your wishes is embroidered in. Additional costs on time and material bases apply for this.

Price group 4

In addition to the writing, the flower ornaments on this banner are also embroidered with a shining metallic thread. The metallic flowers harmonize perfectly with a gold cord and braid at the sides. The overhang is lose here.

Price group 5

These embroidered flag banners are completely made with a shining metallic thread and equipped with gold braid and cords at the sides. The pearl ornaments give these banners with a lose overhang their special precious look.

Price group 6

We embroider these flag banners in special outside shapes on customer demand. The do not have an overhang. The writings are embroidered in a shining metallic thread, but vertically at that and in the text type Charlesworth. A flower ornament makes the picture of this new avant-garde banner complete.

Flag banners in digital printing

Fahnen Kössinger offers also a low-cost alternative to the embroidered flag banners. The number of colors is not relevant in digital printing.

simple flag banners in digital printing
  • Size according to your instructions
  • Basic fabric synthetic non-transparent, dull
  • Printing according to your artworks, printing data necessary. In digital printing, color divergences of up to 20% are possible.
  • Backside with suitable lining.
  • sides with cord
  • bottom edge with fringes
  • top with wooden hanging
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