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Cover of our main catalogue

Fahnen Kössinger main catalogue IV, 2019

On 120 colorful pages, our catalogue allows you to find everything that clubs and associations can dream of - and more! Have a look at our embroidered flags, find banners in finest needle painting, see how your members can be dressed homogeneously, and choose the most suitable equipment for your festivity and advertising performance.
  • embroidered flags, standards, and banners
  • flag, mourning, and memorial banners
  • shoulder sashes
  • a big choice of club requirements
  • flag restoration, conservation
  • festivity requirements
  • banner flags, flagpoles
  • beachflags

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Pricelist 2020 for the Fahnen Kössinger main catalogue IV

On the 36 pages of this current pricelist, you find all prices with and without VAT for the end client clearly arranged.

End customer prices with information on
prices ex and including VAT

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Flag catalogue 2020

The quintessence of advertising technology put together on 68 colorful pages - this is what our current flag catalogue offers. From a small table flag to a big 11 m high flagpole - the catalogue shows our display systems as well as printed national flags. Here, you will find what your are looking for at any rate!
  • beachflags and accessories
  • advertising flags, banners, transparents
  • aluminium and wooden flagpoles
  • national and international flags, banners, hoisting flags in oblong and landscape format
  • L-displays and roll-displays
  • table flags and table banners, accessories
  • mobile telescopic poles with accessories
  • and a lot more

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Advertising technology brochure 2017

On 16 pages, we've collected for you everything you need for your outdoor and indoor promotion. Find the perfect solution for your company, your advertising performance, and the professionals' and audience's fair. We show you which materials are best suited for which purpose. Let us inspire you!
  • advertising flags
  • flagpoles
  • advertising technology
  • roll-ups and accessories
  • beachflags with accessories
  • exhibition walls and counters
  • and a lot more ...

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Catalogue for club and festivity requirements 2019

16 colorful pages offer a unique collection of articles that clubs need for their equipment. If you plan an honorary event, you find here documents, metal pins, and also proposals for a suitable present. Homogeneous clothing for your club belongs to the textile department as well as embroidered badges and nametags. Your festival will be perfectly equipped by decoration articles and products from the advertising sector, flags, transparents, or banners.
  • sashes, memorial banners, festivity badges
  • festivity requirements
  • embroidered badges and name tags
  • pins and metal badges
  • table banners and memorial gifts
  • breastplates
  • figurines and mugs
  • club clothing, uniforms and accessories
  • documents and document frames
  • flags, transparents, beachflags, roll-displays

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Cover of the textile catalogue 2020

Textile catalogue 2020

The new textile catalogue is again full of innovative and inspiring styles and brands. On 750 pages, you find modern trends that stand out from the crowd. In addition to the proven brand outfits for work, family and sport, it also offers an extended shirt collection, including Tee Jays, Clayton&Ford, additional Russell novelties and a perfect selection of corporate wear from B&C, Seidensticker, Kustom Kit and Fruit of the Loom. Among the more than 2550 styles in the 2019 collection are, of course, SG, SGFootprints, DFM, nakedshirt and Jassz, which are complemented by today's very important organic products.
  • shirts
  • blouses
  • kidswear
  • fleece
  • jackets
  • caps
  • sports & fitness
  • workwear
  • towels
  • umbrellas
  • bags and a lot more

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Cover of our brochure catalogue

Brochure catalogue

Established products on 36 coloured pages - here you can find classic certificates on marbled paper as well as retro motifs of various sports and club types. But also cartons in a new design and papers suitable for the PC are shown. In addition, there are document frames, folders for the award or foils for the protection of your valuable documents.
  • diplomas, PC documents
  • envelopes, frames, cover
  • calligraphics
  • custom-made products

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catalogue for honorary prizes, goblets, and trophies

Honorary prizes, goblets, and trophies

Whether in Formula 1, at a student football tournament or at a swimming competition - the winners cheer and proudly raise their trophies. In our 292-page catalogue you will find the right cup for every club - on request with engraving field, lid or special emblem. The designs range from conventional goblets to avant-garde sculptures, from single goblets to artistically designed column goblets.
  • goblets
  • reliefs
  • metal plates
  • signs
  • glass trophies
  • medals
  • and a lot more

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image brochure club and business clothing

Image brochure club and business clothing

16 colorful pages, for business, clubs, and gastronomy
  • refinement possibilities
  • club and business clothing
  • robust, functional workwear
  • gastronomy clothing
  • firefighters
  • shooters
  • religious clubs
  • fraternity clubs

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James & Nicholson / Myrtle Beach Caps

James&Nicholson offers a huge color palette in both casual and sportswear as well as workwear. Sustainable and nature-friendly production in the usual high quality is a matter of course. The innovative fashion trends from Myrtle Beach are, as always, perfectly matched. This applies not only to caps and scarves but also to accessories such as towels and blankets. Over 600 pages invite you to discover and combine according to your mood.

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Workwear catalogue

Workwear by James&Nicholson and Myrtle Beach

Whether the collection is called STRONG, SOLID, ESSENTIAL or COLOR - it's always about style. The selection of colors and models is huge, and we finish everything from T-shirts to functional jackets with embroidery or printing. Your corporate identity is our priority. We put together your complete workwear outfit, perfectly coordinated and with ideal functionality.

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