Restoration of historical club flags

Your traditional club flag, standard or parade banner shows traces of decay after years of use, the fabric is dirty or torn, the fringes are partly lacking, the hanging is torn, to cut a long story short, the flag desperately needs some repair works? Now, a good deal of special knowledge, skill and intuition are necessary.

While restoring flags, we set a high value on maintaining the originality of the restored parts and on not changing the basic character of the flag by doing the repair works. We achieve this by always using the original embroidery technique for the flag repair proposed by us. The Fahnen Kössinger embroidery employees not only master the old classical hand embroidery with all variations but also the hand-lead needle work (known as "silk drop stitch universal feed embroidery" that has been used since 1829) and the flat stitch embroidery.

Furthermore, we have a rich fund of old embroidery material at our disposal that has been accumulating over decades and is being used for the restoration of flags. This is a very important factor as old embroideries ask for an adaption of the webbing threads as well.

Restoring also means conserving, not only renovation. It is manual labor that distinguishes the restorator because the flag can only be refurbished perfectly with the necessary intuitive sense for the task.

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Product details

Goals of a restoration
conserving the original character of the flag
no changing of the motives and texts
copying of missing parts in the most possible original facsimile

Process of a restoration
assessment of the damages
evaluation of the costs
elimination of the damages
repairing of the accessory parts

Traditional handicraft
Our experienced hand and machine embroiderers have mastered century-old embroidery techniques and the usage of special machines, e.g. for the drop stitch universal feed embroidery. New materials that needed to be used blend in harmonically in the parts that are worth being conserved.
Video flag restoration

Comparison between before the restoration and after concluding the restoration


A restoration is executed
in several steps:

  • Assessment of damages
    At first, our specialists examine your flag diligently and make a list of all damages that occur on fabric, fringes, embroideries, but also on the pole and the metal parts. For this evaluation, it would be best that you should hand in your flags. In case this is not possible send us detailed photos documenting the damaged parts. This enables us already to estimate the possibilties of a restoration.

  • Cost estimation
    Experienced employees are already able to estimate the costs resulting from a complete or partial restoration of the flag and make you a reliable offer.

  • Undertaking the restoration works
    Due to their decade-long experience, our specialists know all stitches, both the hand as well as the machine embroidery ones. They know which basic materials have to be used in order to restore partly destroyed and torn flags, banners or pennants. They are also able to choose the suitable ones out of the collected fund of embroidery substances, old gold webs or fringes to best match the original materials.

  • Overhauling the flag pole and its metal parts
    Our experts repair the wooden and metal parts of your flagpole. The flag finial or the bannerarm of the standard are being polished, varnished and put straight again diligently.

Embroidery techniques and durability

Most of the time, the basic fabric of the flag is so badly torn that it is necessary to replace it with a new backing material that matches the old one in color. In time-consuming work, our specialists diligently mend the embroideries by using old techniques, either manually or by machine. They then transfer them to the new fabric.This asks for a lot of intuition and skill, especially when old, precious letterings are being reinforced by stitching them with gold patina threads or by working on whole areas with drop, chain or flat stitches.

Even seemingly irreparable damages can be undone this way. Extensive motive embroideries are being fixed by gold or silver cords, single details and ornaments are copied exactly according to the existing traditional flag resorting to an inexhaustable storage of embroidery threads, webs, metal filaments and most different fabrics.

The thus renovated flag again presents a harmonic overall picture. For decades to come, it will be durable again and can be presented anew by the club on all social functions and events.


Experienced experts for renovating tasks

Hand- and machine embroidery today are two occupations that are being trained completely independent from each other. Experts such as we are occupying them for the restoration of flags have grown very rare.
Furthermore, the renovation of traditional flags asks for the utilization of the respective old machines and the specialists that are still able to manage them at that. Only thus is it possible to replace and improve stitches that were made in a special technique at their time exactly in the same way nowadays.
Considering that embroidery machines have been existing since 1829 already; this necessity comes to one's awareness in the first place. In addition, the act of restoration requires a love for details and a high estimation of traditions and the converation of the original character and style of your flag, standard or banner.


Restoration of club flags

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Although our film has not yet been translated into English, it shows you quite well how club flags are being manufactured respectively restored starting from the first artwork until the manual execution. "Visit" our art designers and hand embroiderers at their working place and watch how the layouts for a new flag are created, what has to be considered during the restoration works and why Fahnen Kössinger are renowned as specialists for the renovation and new manufacturing of club flags and standards.
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