Small flags


Small flags / state and national flags

Representative, completely finished and easy to attach: small flags with a wooden or aluminium pole are available as state or national flags, but also in special printing with your motive.

Possible finishing
  • sewn-in rope = rope loop on top and projecting rope at the bottom
  • tunnel for wooden pole of Ø 15 mm
  • rope loop at the top and bottom for flagpole made of aluminium
  • two small plastic spring hooks
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Product details

state flags
national flags
special printing on demand

20 x 30 cm
40 x 60 cm
60 x 90 cm
special formats possible

aluminium pole
wooden pole
Small flags in special printing

Small flags in special printing
(Digital or silk screen printing) with wooden pole

  • Material synthetic, abt. 110g/m²
  • cut all around
  • left side with tunnel and wooden pole, pole tightly attached
  • wooden pole: Ø 10 mm (85 cm long) or Ø 12 mm (100 cm long).
Flagpoles for small flags

Flagpoles for small flags

For the waving of the flags, light-weighted, not too thick, poles made of wood or aluminium are suitable. The flags are finished respectively.

Aluminium poles

white, powder-coated with yellow PVC finial
and tension spring
Length 1,30 m, diameter 19 mm
Length 1,50 m, diameter 22 mm
Length 2,00 m, diameter 28 mm
Length 2,50 m, diameter 28 mm

-Wooden flagpoles

natural wood color
Length 1,00 m
diameter 15 mm
Boat flags as national or signal flags

Boat flags

There is a distinction for boatflags between national flags that have to be hoisted on each watership according to international regulations and signal flags that consist of letter flags and number pennants. Fahnen Kössinger supplies you with your boatflag in custom-made production.

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Carflags with plastic holder for the car window


Solidarity with one's country or team cannot only be shown by means of carflags during world contests. Carflags can be applied as advertising means in multitudinous ways by being printable individually with your company logo, your club name, or any other message, be it"Just Married" or the name of your favorite band. Fahnen Kössinger helps you design your personal carflag.

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Wallholders for small flags

Wallholders for small flags

Our selection of wallholders and wall cantilevers offers you a multitude of possibilities for attaching your small flag to the wall.

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Table flags and table banners for nations, states or with special motive

Table flags and table banners

By default, table flags and table banners are printed by Fahnen Kössinger as flags of almost all countries of the world, all German states, and in special production, with company or club logos.

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