Aluminium flagpoles

Fahnen Kössinger is well stocked in flagpoles and the respective accessories. Moreover, we offer an extensive know-how in planning, mounting, maintenance, and repairing of flagpoles. As a special service, we also take care of installing the poles (including the setting of the corresponding foundation) - please send us your inquiry.

The supposedly most current form of flagpoles are those made of aluminium. Aluminium poles are very stable, corrosion-free, weatherproof and easy to transport and mount due to their light weight. Flagpoles of Fahnen Kössinger are supplied in various executions and offer the ideal solution for different requirements. Get a picture of our flagpoles.
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Product details


Flagpoles without cantilever
  • with external hoisting rope
  • with internal hoisting rope
Flagpoles with cantilever
  • hoistable
  • not hoistable
Aluminium pole with little pole door or crank 

Advantages of aluminium flagpoles in contrast to poles made of steel

  • less expensive to purchase
  • easier, cheaper transport
  • quicker installment without heavy machinery
  • resistant to corrosion also without protective coating
  • available in any RAL color (against surcharge)
  • simple recycling
We deliver all poles to your desired address within 2-3 weeks. 

Flagpoles without cantilever

Aluminium flagpole Modicus

Aluminium flagpole

light metal flagpole, sectional in two parts with external rope hoisting device
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Aluminium flagpole Euromast I

Aluminium flagpole
Euromast I

Two-part aluminium flagpole, protected against theft by internal rope hoisting device inside the pole tube.
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Aluminium-Fahnenmast Euromast T

Aluminium flagpole
Euromast T

protected against theft by lockable hard plastic door with cylinder lock
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Aluminium flagpole Euromast ZI 75 / ZI 75 K

Aluminium flagpole EUROMAST ZI 75 / ZI 75 K

with crank drive or lockable door
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Aluminium flagpole Z 75

Aluminium flagpole EUROMAST Z 75

with standard hoisting device
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Aluminium LED flagpole

Aluminium illuminated flagpole with LED light band

with LED band integrated into the profile, (max. 5 m length from pole top)
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Flagpoles with cantilever

Aluminium flagpole Aptus with ground tube

Aluminium flagpole APTUS with ground tube and cantilever

two-piece flagpole
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Aluminium flagpole Aptus with hinged baseplate

Aluminium flagpole APTUS with hinged baseplate and cantilever

Complete incl. pivotable head, cantilever tube (120 or 150 cm), hinged baseplate, noise-reduced weight to stop climbing and PVC grommet
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Aluminium flagpole TAD

Aluminium flagpole EUROMAST TAD

complete incl. hoistable aluminium pivotable cantilever head, reinforced cantilever (120 / 150 cm)
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Euromast ZA 90 / ZA100

Aluminium flagpole EUROMAST ZA 90 / ZA 100

hoistable, pivotable aluminium telescopic cantilever (100 / 160 cm,Ø 20/25 mm)
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Euromast ZA 90 K / ZA 100 K

Aluminium flagpole EUROMAST ZA 90 K / ZA 100 K

pivotable telescopic aluminium cantilever (100 / 160 cm, Ø 20 / 25 mm)
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Euromast ZA 75 / ZA 75 K

Aluminium flagpole EUROMAST ZA 75 / ZA 75 K

pivotable aluminium cantilever (100/120 cm Ø 25 mm)
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Hoistable cantilever for backfitting

Hoistable cantilever for backfitting

suitable for hoisting flags in oblong format
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