Club flags for sports clubs

Teamwork makes the dream work

This and many other slogans can be embroidered onto the new club flag of your sports club. In Germany, the motto "Frisch – Fromm – Fröhlich – Frei" used by the well-known Friedrich Ludwig Jahn can often be found on sports flags. According to the website of the DOSB, the German Olympic Sport Association, more than 27 million athletes organised in almost 90,000 sports clubs exist all over the German Republic. From mass to competitive sports - one third of the German population makes the dream work by being member in a sports club.

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Training - Competition - Award Ceremony - Celebration

Whatever is the most beautiful part of the sports event, is probably up to each single person. Is it the hard training, the tension during the competition or the award ceremony when the trophies are donated? At any rate is it an experience to stand in a row behind the club flag when entering the stadium, demonstrating the belonging to a team by wearing uniform clothing and showing one's club emblem on the back and breast of the sports wear. Fahnen Kössinger provides direct embroidery as well as separately made embroidered or woven badges that show the logo of the club flag and the name of the sports team in a diminished size.

The club flag as a figurehead

If you effect maximum performance, you also want to show this openly. Fahnen Kössinger designs representative club flags for the entire club as well as for the individual departments. Modern pictograms for each division can be used as center motives, but also the emblem of the club or association itself is excellently suitable for being embroidered in a well visible format. A slogan expressing the joy and the purpose of the sportive activity matches these center motives perfectly, such as "One spirit, one team, one win" or "United we play. United we win". When we then also add a view of the sports arena, the town silhouette or the municipality crest, the whole population can identify themselves with the club and their flag.

The correct equipment

Just as much as the correct equipment is most important for doing sports, each club flag also needs the suitable accessory parts. Fahnen Kössinger has everything from flag finials with sports mortives to a wrought iron flag stand, a practical transport bag and a transparent cover for bad weather.



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