Offers for shooting clubs

Shooting clubs play an important role for the corporate life in every town or village.Their common club clothing demonstrates their togetherness to the outside. Neckties and scarves in the club colors and with the shooting emblem make the uniform costume complete. Elaborate club flags and standards are carried along in parades while the flag ensigns are equipped with green-white shoulder sashes made of velvet or cotton.
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Club flags for shooting clubs

Shooting club flags

Shooting clubs are known for their gorgeous festivals and parades which numerous members of shooting districts, areas and associations take part in. The embroidered flag is here, of course, a source of pride for each club. The hand embroidered writings and elaborately worked out shooting motives on both sides of the flag catch everybody's eye immediately. High quality flag banners made of velvet that Fahnen Kössinger manufactures on demand in various executions hang from metal bannerrings.

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Shooting standards

The standards for shootinhg clubs are also magnificently equipped. Both sides are well to be seen as the golden or chrome plated bannerarm spreads the standard in its whole width. As motives on the matching standard finial that is delivered along with the standard, serve a shooting target, hat, or crossed guns. The brass connecting parts of the pole take care of the necessary stability when the standard is swung about. A carrying strap makes the sweaty work during a parade easier for the standard bearer.

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Standards for shooters
Restoration of historical shooting flags

Flag restoration

Unfortunately, deterioration and soiling cannot be avoided over the course of the years. Only leave the repair works and cleaning of your shooting club flag or standard to a professional enterprise. We at Fahnen Kössinger's know how to produce flags and standards, and we have the necessary know-how for getting rid of possible damages and for replacing torn parts of the fabric, embroidery or the accessory parts. An exhaustive counseling and a binding offer before the restoration works are started are a matter of course for us.

Metal badges

Whether at the meeting of the saluting guns shooters or at the prize shooting of the area, at the annual main assembly or the tributary evening for honorary members - none of these events can be executed without a stick pin, a medal or a distinctive award made of metal. Fahnen Kössinger knows the usual standard stick pins, but we also produce individual metal badges, hat pins and jacket stick pins for each festivity. We help you create an artwork and give you good advice as to the best technical procedure for making your motive into an attractive metal pin.

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Badges made of metal or fabric for shooting clubs
Flag banners for your shooting club

Flag banners for your shooters

We embroider special shooting motives also onto flag banners. Numerous standard motives are available. Of course, we also decorate the overhang with our customers' own motive on demand.

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Here, you find the complete accessories for your shooting festival

Everything for your for shooting festivals

Many small things are necessary for a perfect overall picture. Whether you need rosettes for the festival chairman, paperflags for table decorations or green garlands on the podium - we have everything to make your festival run as planned.

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Sashes for shooters


Normally, three ensigns accompany the flag. They are distinguished by green-white sashes made of velvet that we embroider on demand with the name of the club or the township by hand or machine.

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Shooting ties and scarves

Neckties and scarves

For a homogeneous picture at the parade or meeting with other clubs, uniform clothing lends itself. Neckties and scarves made of polyester or silk with shooting motives belong to the green shooter's shirt.

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Further products for your shooting club

You also need other products for an honorary event or want to organise a festivitiy and need advertising articles?
We have everything it takes for this.

Table banners and table standards

Table banners

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Honorary gifts for shooters

Honorary gifts

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Club clothing with logo

Club clothing

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