Wax torches, garden torches, bamboo torches

Torches provide a cozy light during nightly hiking tours, in the garden, on the patio and at festivities. The atmosphere that torches create at your event turn the feast into a quite special experience.
Fahnen Kössinger offers a variety of executions of torches for your festival.

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Range of use
garden parties, patio feasts
nocturnal hiking tours
temporary illumination of walkways

wax torches
bamboo torches
can torches
flame bowls

Burning period
wax torches 1-1.5 hours
flame bowls up to nine hours
can torches up to 15 hours
Classical wax torches

Wax torches

Material: cotton fabric, light web
Burning period: 1 and 1.5 hours
Classical garden torches

Garden torches

Material: Paper and paraffin
Burning period: 2-3 hours
Packing unit: 3 pieces in bag, sorted according to colors (red, blue, yellow)
high quality bamboo torches with oil container

Bamboo torches

Material: support made of bamboo
container can be filled with 125 ml of lamp oil
Packing unit: 3 pieces in bag with safety closure
length: abt. 61 cm
Tin torches made of aluminium with lid

Can torches with lid

Material: metal can filled with paraffin
Burning period: 11 resp. 15 hours
diameter: 10 resp. 15 cm
flat flame bowls made of aluminium

Flame bowls aluminium

Material: aluminium bowl filled with paraffin
Burning period: 8 resp. 9 hours
diameter: 16 resp. 20 cm