Rosettes for functionaries

In order to easily identify the functionaries among festival crowds, they should be distinguishable by using rosettes. These rosettes are available in different colors, those for gentlemen possess additional ribbon ends. These can also be printed on by Fahnen Kössinger. A safety pin on the backside serves as attachment.
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Product description

Moiree ribbon
Center in plastic or bakelit disk

Ladies' rosettes
Gentlemen's rosettes with ribbon ends
ribbon ends with printed-on text

Standard: two colors
one-colored on request
Ladies' and gentlemen's rosettes with our without imprint, in different colors

Available colors

  • red-white
  • blue-white
  • green-white
  • yellow-white

Possible texts

  • Zugführer
  • Ehrenmitglied
  • Schirmherr
  • Ehrenvorstand
  • Festleiter
  • Festausschuss
  • Vorstand
  • Ehrengast
  • Gründungsmitglied