Memorial ribbons for flag consecrations

Memorial ribbons are donated to all participants by clubs or, e.g. by a recently ordained Catholic priest on the occasion of a flag consecration. Fahnen Kössinger has numerous standard motives for memorial ribbons, but also custom-made logos or photos are possible. For the production of memorial ribbons in digital printing, suitable printing files are necessary.

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Product description

Moiree ribbon
Artificial silk
High quality velvet
Flag rep


single or double layer
Cord rim
Fringes on demand
Brass hanging

numerous standard motives
individual customer emblems possible
Memorial ribbons in different executions

Printed memorial ribbons

1) Memorial ribbons in one layer

Memorial ribbons in one layer

  • Material: water repellant moiree ribbon, one layer
  • size abt. 7.5 x 60 cm or 11 x 90 cm
  • printing in black - against surcharge printing in gold, silver, green, red or blue possible
  • Text according to your information
  • Text type in fine/normal lettering, handwriting or old German Gothic type lettering
  • great choice of motives free of cost
  • special motives against surcharge possible, also in color
  • Bottom rim with fringes in artificial silk
    top with brass bracket and spring hook

2) Memorial ribbons double layer

Memorial ribbons in double layer execution

Execution as position 1), additionally with:
  • extra moiree lining on the backside
  • hanging with brass bracket and spring hook
  • cord rim on the sides
  • double-sided fringes

3) Memorial ribbons in digital printing

Memorial ribbons in digital printing
  • Material: Synthetic, white, non-transparent
  • Size abt. 15 x 90 cm
  • Printing according to your design, number of colors optional In digital printing, color deviations of up to 20% may occur
  • Backside with suitable lining
  • Sides with cords
  • Bottom edge with fringes
  • Top with brass bracket and spring hook

Standard Motives / gallery of printing blocks

Here, you find an excerpt of our gallery of printing blocks
  • 101 FFW
  • 103 FFW
  • 104 FFW
  • 105 FFW
  • 106 FFW
  • 107 krieger
  • 108 krieger
  • 109 Krieger
  • 110 Krieger
  • 111 BSB
  • 112 Hubertus schütz
  • 113 Gewehr Scheibe
  • 114 Gewehr Scheibe
  • 115 Gewehr Scheibe
  • 116 Edelw Schützen
  • 117 KLJB Sign
  • 118 KLJB Sign
  • 119 KLJB Sign mod
  • 120 KLJB Haende
  • 121 Aehrenwappen
  • 122 DJK
  • 123 Kolping
  • 124 Wasserwacht
  • 125 Trachtentaenzer

Simple Image Gallery Extended


Embroidered memorial ribbons

  • Material: Moiree band, artificial silk, high quality velvet
    or flag rep
  • Size abt. 11 x 90 cm, 15 x 90 cm
    or on demand
  • Text according to your wishes
  • Production in machine embroidery
  • Different text types available
  • Club emblems or other motives on demand
  • With or without overhang
  • Backside with suitable lining, sides with cord,
    bottom edge with fringes
Embroidered memorial ribbons