Decoration garlands

Our garlands are a real decorative ornament for your festival. They are used at different occasions in order to create a solemn environment.
You decorate entrance areas, daises, and stages. Garlands also provide the necessary ambience for special occasions such as firebrigade, shooting club or maypole festivities. They cover up simple wooden railings and bring color to your event. The speaker's lectern looks a lot classier with a white-blue paper garland, the railing of the stage turns into an eye-catcher if you use our green twig garland entwined with the Germany colors. The garlands are available in different lengths, very light-weighted and easy to attach. Both materials are fire retardant.

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Product description

green bush or twig garland made of fire retardant plastic
white-blue or Germany-colored decoration garland made of fire retardant silk paper

decoration of stage
ornaments for entry areas and podiums
wrapping of maypoles

bush garlands: 3.5 m long, 12 cm Ø
twig garlands: 5 m long, 16 cm Ø
white-blue garlands: 4 m long, 16 cm Ø or 10 m long, 24 cm Ø
Germany garlands 4 m long, 16 cm Ø