Festival tokens, admission tokens, paper tickets on rolls

Festival tokens serve a double purpose - they show the organizer that the participant has paid the admission fee, and at the same time, the tokens resp. admission tag is a souvenir that the visitor can keep and collect. Fahnen Kössinger offers different executions of festival tokens, ribbon drapes, control tags or admission badges that can each be attached to clothing by a safety pin.
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Product description

Rep ribbon
Satin ribbon
Festival tokens made of different materials

Printed festival tokens

  • made of rep/satin ribbon
  • size abt. 30 x 90 mm
  • printing one-colored black, against surcharge also possible in green, blue, or red
  • the shown standard motives can be printed on free of cost, for advertising we charge a low surcharge
  • special motives such as club emblems against surcharge
  • with zigzag edge
  • backside with safety pin
  • packing: 100 pcs each in transparent bag
Festival tokens printed on rep or satin band

Fabric and paper stickers

  • made of acetate silk with carrying paper
  • on rolls
  • easily removable (unsuitable for leather clothing)
  • MOQ: 1,000 pieces
Festival tokens as fabric or paper sticker

Plastic festival tokens

  • in any outside shape available
  • one-colored depiction, embossed/elevated stamping
  • backside with safety pin
  • MOQ: 1,000 pieces
Festival tokens made of plastic in different shapes and sizes

Wooden festival tokens

  • Material: beech or birch
  • with burnt-in motive and drilled hole
  • outside shape and design on demand
  • MOQ: 1,000 pieces
  • with two-colored silk cord on demand (loosely added)
    15 cm per badge are necessary
Wooden festival tokens with burnt-in motive