Especially produced admission wristbands for festivals

For each bigger event, such as concerts, dancing parties, festival or any other occasion, admission wristbands or identity controllers are an ideal alternative to the usual paper tickets as they enable the visitor to also leave the event for some time.
Fahnen Kössinger offers different possible executions of admission wristbands.
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Product description

synthetic paper Tyvek
woven polyester

Usage areas
musical events
dancing parties
events lasting several days

clear labelling of different groups of persons
usage over several days possible

Woven event bands

Admission bands with woven text / motivev
  • size abt. 15 x 350 mm
  • MOQ 500 pieces
  • material: fabric (polyester)
  • design on demand
  • up to six colors possible
  • band ends heat-sealed by machine (no fringing)
  • threads already mounted in lockers
  • with self-closing plastic latch (no pliers necessary)
  • or with aluminium lockers (pliers necessary)

Printed-on identitiy controllers

Admission wristbands printed on with your logo / motive
  • size abt.12 x 250 mm or 24 x 250 mm, adjustable
  • MOQ 1,000 pieces
  • material: polyethylene
  • with individual printing
  • tearproof material
  • with permanent locker so that the controller cannot be transferred to unauthorized persons

Admission wristbands without printing

Admission wristbands without printing in different colors
  • size abt.12 x 250 mm or 24 x 250 mm, adjustable
  • MOQ 1,000 pieces
  • material: polyethylene
  • available in different colors
  • packing: 500 pieces each

Tystar admission bands

Tystar admission bands
  • size: abt. 20 x 250 mm or 20x 300 mm
  • MOQ: 1,000 pieces
  • material: tearproof synthetic paper (Tyvek)
  • available in different colors
  • individually numbered