Paperflags Standard

With our paper flags, you can attract a lot of attention to your festival. They are ideally suitable for decoration purposes at many events, and also as ornaments for fences during processions or other parades. Fahnen Kössinger offers the paper flags in many executions off the shelf at a low price.
  • Size: abt. 11.5 x 21 cm
  • with white plastic pole, 40 cm long
  • standard colors: yellow-white, white-blue, red-white, green-white
  • many nations available from stock
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Product details

three different printing formats
pole lengths 40 or 50 cm

Standard colors
National flags
special productions

Party decoration
hand flags for waving
decoration of fences during processions
printed paper flags as national flags or with your motive

Paper flags in special printing

We print these paper flags on both sides with equal motives using Pantone or HKS color swatches. Thus, the paper flags can be used for individual advertising purposes.

The following formats are available:
  • Format A
    Size abt. 12 x 24 cm
    Printing area abt. 12 x 20.5 cm
    with 40 cm long polystyrol pole

  • Format B
    Size abt. 14,8 x 22 cm
    Printing area abt. 13.8 x 16 cm
    with 40 cm long polystyrol polen

  • Format C
    Size abt. 21 x 31 cm
    Printing area abt. 20 x 26 cm
    with 50 cm long polystyrol pole