Standards for sports clubs

"Mens sana in corpore sano" - a sane spirit in a healthy body

According to this slogan more and more people are working out in thousands of sports clubs practising the most different kinds of physical training. And as team spirit and working on a common goal are especially important in a crew, big organisations such as the German Olympic Sports Association, the German Soccer Association but also numerous smaller sub-organisations down to the local training club stand at the side of the single sportsman and woman. Each of these clubs wants to show his togetherness outward - and that is possible in a most representative way by an embroidered standard made by Fahnen Kössinger.

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Traditional and modern motives

Same as every cultural institution, also sports is participating in social changes. Former kinds of sports are no longer practised, new ones appear. Once purely male domains are being "conquered" by women. A traditional enterprise such as Fahnen Kössinger is always in the current state of time and mirrors such changes in their products. Sportswear for men and women made by producers of famous brands are being refined by topical pictograms, club emblems and single names. The new standard is designed in an equally modern way, for the beach volleyball club as well as for the ladys' soccer team.

Assisting in designing the standard

We are no top sportsmen, nor can your club have any experience in designing a new standard. Therefore, we are standing by your side right from the beginning when you start thinking about purchasind a new standard. We give you advice about how big the club home should be embroidered onto the club side of the standard, how the single sports departments can be arranged on it and which slogan may be suitable for all groups with the club alike. For the two sides of the standard we choose the basic colors of your club and decorate the corners with suitable ornaments or the municipality crest. On the so-called home side, a landmark or the parish church of the town or village may appear. We work according to your wishes and share our experience with you about how your new standard can be best made.

Reaching the goal

After the embroidery is finished, the ready standard is not much lacking anymore. You choose a suitable standard finial for the bannerarm out of our extensive portfolio - either the respective kind of sports or neutral for all departments of your club. The brass bannerarm is either tightly attached to the pole or removable. This flagpole made of best core wood can be disassembled into two parts that are securely connected by double threaded gear or a bayonet fastener. As a last thing a transparent cover as protecton against bad weather, and you stand right at your goal - the presentation of your new standard!

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