Standards for music clubs

Music clubs - from the choir to the symphonic orchestra

Music is an essential part of our culture. It connects people far across any border and is universally comprehendable. Musicians from all over the world are able to meet in an orchestra or a choir and practise together within a short period time without having to bother about language barriers. Therefore, one can often find lines of tunes on the standards of music clubs that can be read by any instrument player or singer, or instruments and symbols that hint at the respective music genre. In case of a choir, this may be a lyra or a tuning fork, for a wind orchestra, there can be a tuba, a clarinet or a horn. Tambour bands prefer flutes or percussion instruments besides the tambour pole on their standards.

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The embroidered standard

After choosing the suitable motive for the standard, one has to decide on the kind of embroidery for the writings. The name of the town with the moniker of the music association is worked into one of the sides, a slogan or motto on the other one - "Singen heißt verstehen" (singing means understanding) or "In Harmonie vereint" (united in harmony) are two of the most favorite ones. A choice has to be made between hand and machine embroidery while there are further different possibilities among those as well. The hand embroiderer may work with cantille or frisée, for high relief gold embroidery also golden or antique gold laces are used which, laid into a zig-zag pattern, leads to a very high, relief-like embroidery image. The machine embroidered lettering can be executed with a metallic thread or with colorful artificial silk.

Accessories for the music standard

It's a matter of fact that wind bands very often take part in parades. Carrying the rather heavy standard can be made lighter by suitable accessories. Our crossed carrying straps distribute the weight equally on both shoulders whereas a round backpart holds the straps even better in position. The standard pole is put into a leather quiver, and the flag bearer holds the standard in his hands while wearing white fabric gloves in order to protect the wood from sweat and dirt. Flag ensign and attendants are marked by shoulder sashes. ON top of the bannerarm, a brass flag finial with musical motive is screwed on. With a choice between leaves garlands to a lyra, from a clef to a horn, we can offer the suitable finial for your standard's bannerarm.

Bad weather - good equipment

In some years, music bands seem to get wetter than any swimming club. This is neither good for the instruments nor for the standard. Fortunately, the latter can be protected well against rain and also dirt by the correct equipment.We have custom-made transparent covers with patent buttons that are being drawn over the whole standard including pole and bannerarm. Thus, the precious piece remains dry and can be stored in the flag wardrobe again after the parade - taken out of the cover, of course.



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