Standards for firebrigades

The firebrigade standard – the pride of the whole club

All over the year, our firebrigades render a lot of services for the common good on which they may look back proudly especially during jubilee festivities. This price can be expressed best by purchasing a standard that hints at the foundation year of the club and shows the local firestation, a Saint Florian, a firetruck or maybe a modern pictogram. The standard is carried in front of the club during all parades showing where the firebrigade comes from and on how long a tradition it can look back.

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Motives and texts in precious embroidery

The invaluable services that the members of the voluntary firebrigades render cannot be estimated highly enough. They are mirrored at least to a certain extent in the endowment of the standard. The texts are mostly done in precious golden relief hand embroidery - the town name on the home side as well as the chosen slogan, e.g. "Helfen in Not ist unser Gebot" (helping in need is our command). Gilded webs are being used also in the corner ornaments, and the motives are inserted in the so-called needle painting in flat or chain stitch embroidery with fine shades.

Brass accessories for the standard

Highly shining, gilded and with zapon lacquered brass is being used for the different fittings, the connectors and accessories of the standard. The two parts of the pole are connected by a bayonet fastener or a stable double threaded gear. A brass shaft protects the bottom end of the pole. At the top, the bannerarm is attached, either removable or tightly fixed. We have different executions with and without ornaments on stock. The standard finial with a firebrigade motive makes the pole complete. The embroidered flag banners are attached to a bannerring with four up to twelve brass spring hooks depending on the number of banners that have to be hung on it.

Additional accessories

Fahnen Kössinger knows what belongs to a perfect performance of the firebrigade and their standard. The flag bearers need red-white sashes that are woron over the uniform jacket. Sewn onto the uniform, there are embroidered badges that follow the requirements of the respective assocations. Honorable members wear medals of their club. The firebrigade cap completes the picture and makes the equipment whole.

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