Standards for comradeships

A new standard for a traditional club?

For many people, a soldiers' and warriors' club may no longer be up to date in a time of professional armies. There are not many war veterans left 70 years after the end of World War II. These traditional clubs and associations though mirror the change of society. Still, these traditional clubs and associations only reflect the social change as well. Reservists' associations take over the tasks of the previous warriors' unions, and, just as the veterans' clubs, they want to outward demonstrate their belonging to the soldiers' association as well. Thus, it suggests itself to purchase a new standard and by this way build a bridge between tradition and modern spirit.

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Tasks of soldiers' and reservists' comradeships

Warriors' and soldiers' clubs still dedicate themselves to the maintenance of the comradeship among themselves, to the care of warriors' graves and they take part in the commemoration ceremonies at the war memorial so as not to forget their fallen comrades. The German Reservists' Association with their 115,000 members write on their website that more than half of them are less than 50 years old. This proves a strong interest in the upkeeping of the unity between the former soldiers even after the abolishing of the compulsory army service. Flags and standards have their origin in the battle marks of antiquity, and thus they are still very important to our military organisations. Thereofre, we do not only restore the sometimes hundreds of years old club flags and standards but also embroider new standards for reservists so that they can as well take care of their representative obligations during religions parades or at the war memorial in an adequate frame.

Design and finishing

Besides the traditional motvies such as an Iron Cross, the "old" steel helmet and cannons or sabers, nowadays many newer symbols are wanted for standards. The tripartite reservists' association emblem with the Iron Cross can be embroidered prominently in the center, above and below the name of the community in hand or machine embroidery. On the so-called "home side", the war memorial offers itself, maybe also a view of the barracks or the parish church. The standard is finished on two sides by golden fringes, at the top and the side, there are hanging loops. Together with a bannerarm and a highly polished brass finial the standard offers a representative overall impression. The flag bearer can carry the standard that is attached to a flag pole made of robust core wood.

The flag attendance

The flag bearer and his two attendants normally wear white-blue sashes over their shoulders. A carrying strap made of real leather makes it easier to handle the standard. White fabric gloves protect the wood of the pole from sweat. Rain and moisture are kept from the standard by a custom-made transparent cover.

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