Standards for shooting clubs

From a kingly privilege to a serious sport

The shooting sports nowadays is far away from the original intention of shooting brotherhoods or civilian shooting unions. Those were serving as an association of former war participants so as to care for law and order in the civilian society. After the state had taken over these tasks, the members of shooting clubs started to concentrate more on the sportive competition among themselves. But still, the club standards are evidence of kingly privileges or the original "civilian shooting union" as can be seen in the precious, mostly hand-made letterings.

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Favorite motives on the standard

Standards of shooting clubs can be recognized at a first glance. One side is mostly made in green, and of course, a target in white with black rings and black center is embroidered on. According to the motto "Im Auge Klarheit - im Herzen Wahrheit" (with a clear eye and a truthful heart) often a bird of prey, e.g. an eagle, with its sharp eyes is sitting on the target as a symbol. Besides guns or other firearms, religious motives can also be found on shooting club standards. This may be Saint Sebastian, who is shown as a martyr studded with arrows, as well as Saint Hubertus with the equally named stag. It is mostly carrying a cross with rays between its antlers, embroidered onto the standard by us in gold frisée.

Additional refining

In contrast to club flags, standards are not diagonally placed. They are attached to a bannerarm at the top which is made of highly polished, gold plated or - on demand - also chrome plated brass. The standard's finial made of the same metal hints at the kind of club. For shooters for instance, there is a choice between targets with a leaf garland, an eagle with spread wings or crossed guns. These high quality accessory parts are being completed by double threaded gear or a bayonet connector that tightly links both pole parts. The lower end of the pole is protected against abrasion by a pole shaft made of brass. The flag banners hang on spring hooks of a bannerring. Up to twelve of them find a place on the big ring.

Standard bearers and their attendants

A perfectly kept uniform is indispensable for each and every member of a club. The standard attendants and ensigns are the first to be seen, of course, and they should always be equipped properly. Custom-made uniforms with shoulder epaulettes and embroidered badges are part of the perfect picture as well as green-white sashes and white gloves for the bearer. Fahnen Kössinger offers all necessary accessory parts for the shooting club.



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