Standards for other clubs

A standard to each club

Millions of people alone in Germany are organised in clubs. The number of members ranges from only a handful of people, e.g. in small self-help groups up to thousands in successful sports clubs, trade unions or political parties. Clubs are subject to certain legal conditions that they have to pay attention to. One of these is, e.g. a moniker that shows without any doubt which purpose the communion serves. Customarily, the members of a club design an emblem showing the belonging to their team or the common interest group. In order to present the club in an appropriate way, motive and name are embroidered onto T-shirts, badges or also on a standard. Fahnen Kössinger helps designing an artwork.

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Standard vs. club flag

In the beginning, one has to consider which format is best suitable for the club. Should it become a big flag on which the motive is normally put diagonally and that has a sie of abt. 140 x 140 cm? Or would a standard be preferable the format of which is mostly square and show a side length between 80 and 100 cm? The motives are embroidered on horizontally, the standard is attached to the bannerarm at the top and to the flagpole at one side. Thus, texts and emblems on the front and backsides are well visible all the time. The standard is more easily manageable and bearable by its minor size. There are no differences in respect to the basic fabrics and the embroideries.

Accessories for the standard

For the standards, a lot of accessory parts are available as well. The bannerarm can be equipped with or without an ornament, it may be removable ro tightly attached to the pole. It is made of brass that can be either gold or chrome plated and protected by zapon lacquer. The standard finial is available with diverse motives for animal breeding clubs, religious groups such as the Catholic Women's Association, the Catholic Youth Movement, the Kolping emblem, the Red Cross or masks for theater clubs, the logo of the young farmers' association etc. The finials are screwed onto the flagpole on top and can be supplemented by a bannerring.

Club supply at Fahnen Kössinger's

Once the standard is readily embroidered and equipped, it is being consecrated in a solemn ceremony. The festival for the consecration of the standard asks for a thorough organisation which Fahnen Kössinger helps willingly with. We provide the necessary accessories, uniform clothing, embroidered sashes, badges, honorable pins, presents, flag and memorial banners, admission badges and a lot more.

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