Flag stands for club flags and standards

After a parade or during a longer stay outside of the club home, e.g. on stages or in beer tents there is need for a robust stand in order to safely deposit the club flag and present it in a favorable way. Fahnen Kössinger offers several executions of flag stands. Two of the stands - they weigh either 15 or 30 kg - are made by a blacksmith. Forged iron is a very solid and heavy material that provides your flag with a stable standing.
The steel base has a free area that can be printed on with a customer motive and text. This area is slightly oblique and can be seen well. With its weight of 25 kg, this stand is also ideal for a short-term, secure putting up of your flag.

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Product details

wrought iron, robust, heavy workmanship
massive steel, with additional space for motives

in wrought iron, weight 15 or 30 kg
in steel, weight 25 kg

only for short-term placement at beer tents
not for permanent storage of a flag


Wrought iron

Wrought iron flag stand Execution A
Weight 30 kg
Width 100 cm, height 38 cm

Execution B
Weight 15 kg
Width 83 cm, height 35 cm
inserted tube ø 38,2 cm


Flag stand made of steel with club emblem Our stand made of steel offers an additional area
that can be individually equipped with the club emblem or a coat of arms.

Weight 25 kg
slightly oblique for a better visibility of the flag
suitable for all standard flagpoles
secure stand by long tube

The flag stand is not meant for a permanent usage for storing the flag, as the fabric may be distorted.
Flag stand made of steel and wrought iron with and without flag
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